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Monday, March 13 2017 - 06:43
Guangzhou: Capital of Traditional Commerce Evolved into Capital of E-commerce
NEW YORK, Mar. 12, 2017 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/-

A short video titled "Guangzhou, Flower City in Bloom" made its debut on "the 
China Screen" at Times Square in New York on Saturday. It was for the first 
time that Guangzhou, the third largest city of China, was presented at the 
"World's Crossroads". In the 30-second video clip, Guangzhou showed the world 
its blended image of an international city, a high-tech city and an artistic 
All these demonstrate Guangzhou's ambition to evolve into "a hub-type network 
city", according to a blueprint adopted last August.

As an important bridge to achieve this goal, Guangzhou will inaugurate its 
office in Silicon Valley and in Boston on Mar. 14. The two will be the first 
batch of offices representing Guangzhou overseas, which are designed to 
strengthen partnership with the United States and Europe in technology 
cooperation and human talents exchange.

Located in the geometric center of Asia-Pacific, Guangzhou is the southern 
gateway of China and has been one of the most important ports for foreign trade 
since ancient times. In ancient Rome, the silk shipped from Guangzhou was the 
most precious goods on the Mediterranean coast. In the past three decades, 
Guangzhou has grown rapidly as an important shipping center, logistics center 
and trade center in China. With more than 14 million residents, Guangzhou's GDP 
in 2016 reached 1.96 trillion yuan (280 billion U.S. dollars).

Nevertheless, Guangzhou does not want to rest content with its past glory of 
being a commercial center for centuries. Modern technology, represented by the 
Internet and information technology, is seen as an important starting point for 
the city to achieve a new round of leapfrog development. Building on its 
advantages in traditional business and high level of opening, Guangzhou stands 
out from China's large and medium-sized cities in pursuit of technology-powered 

Adopting an open approach to actively engage with the outside world on 
innovation has been an important part of Guangzhou's strategy to develop into 
"a hub-type network city".

Guangzhou has so far established mechanisms with Belarus, New Zealand, 
Australia, Britain and Ukraine, among others, for exchange and cooperation in 
science, technology and innovation, according to Ma Zhengyong, Director General 
of Guangzhou Science, Technology and Innovation Commission.
In addition to the United States, Guangzhou also plans to set up offices in 
Israel to promote scientific and technological cooperation.
E-commerce, cross-border e-commerce in particular, has made remarkable progress 
in Guangzhou thanks to the alliance of the Internet and traditional business. 
Chen Jie, Director General of Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce, said 
that in 2016, the total export and import value of Guangzhou cross-border 
e-commerce companies reached 2.21 billion U.S. dollars, up 1.2 times; retail 
sales of online stores reached about 9.5 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 
20.7 percent over the previous year. Guangzhou now makes every effort to cut 
red tape and raise the level of trade facilitation, and is becoming "Capital of 
China's E-commerce," which helps foreign E-commerce companies to expand their 
share of the vast Chinese market.

"With the improvement of living standards of Chinese residents, the demand for 
foreign high-quality goods is rising, and competitive products of foreign 
countries have great potential on the Chinese market. It will not only promote 
economic and social development in Guangzhou, but also provide more development 
opportunities for the world by building Guangzhou into a Capital of 
E-commerce." he said.

Source: Guangzhou Municipal Government

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