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Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Monday, November 06 2017 - 20:09
First World Fly-in Expo brings brave pilots to Wuhan skies
WUHAN, China, Nov. 6, 2017 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Looking into the skies of Wuhan, capital city of central China's Hubei 
Province, one will not only see white clouds, but also aerial displays by 
pilots from Latvia, the United States, Spain and other countries. A feast of 
air shows is now on display for aviation fans worldwide.

The World Fly-in Expo (WFE) took flight on Saturday at the South Wuhan General 
Airport, drawing over 1,000 participants from about 37 countries and regions. 
The event will feature 788 aircraft, eight grand shows, five major competitions 
and two record-making activities as well as music festivals, offering an 
once-in-a-lifetime international air show for 600,000 spectators.

The WFE is a major project of the 13th Five-Year plan of the Aero Sports 
Federation of China (ASFC). Organized by the World Air Sports Federation 
(WASF), the ASFC, Wuhan government and Hubei Sports Bureau, the event will be 
held every two years in Wuhan. The event features latest technologies in global 
aero sports and well displays China's prowess in this field, becoming a 
must-see for the industry.

The four-day event features aero flight performances, aviation sports 
competitions, record-making activities, public interaction experience, static 
exhibitions and forums.

This is my first visit to this place and I was impressed with Wuhan's modernity 
and vitality, and I wish the fascinating event a great success, said WASF 
president Frits Brink.

Nearly 200 aircrafts are on display at the 20,000-square-meter indoor 
exhibition area and the 60,000-square-meter outdoor pavilions, which are 
equivalent to about 10 percent of China's total number of navigation aircrafts, 
setting a record for static exhibition of domestic air shows. There are 
high-end business jets, transport aircrafts, famous planes, domestic sports 
aircrafts, helicopters, private aircrafts and so on, featuring mainstream 
aircrafts in the industry.

In order to increase the participation of ordinary people, the event specially 
introduces aviation popular science education flight simulators, professional 
simulators, desktop flight trainers and other projects for the public, 
especially young people to experience the simulation teaching and operation and 
feel the joy of flying.

Over 100 industry associations, clubs and business representatives also joined 
the event to participate in the aviation industry summit forum to be held later 
to discuss how to make better use of aviation resources.

In recent years, China has attached great importance to the navigation industry 
and issued a number of laws and regulations to actively plan its industrial 
development. In order to further attract and gather world-class talents and 
enterprises to build a world-class general aviation industry chain, Wuhan set 
up the General Aviation and Satellite Industrial Park in 2015 according to the 
requirements of "the best in the world, the most complete in function, the best 
in display and the most inclusive in products".

The industrial park is located in the Wuhan Economic and Technological 
Development Zone (Hannan District) with a total area of 24.75 square 
kilometers. It has set up an integrated industrial park including small 
aircraft manufacturing, aircraft parts manufacturing, flight training, 
operation and maintenance, exhibition and trade, tourism and sightseeing, 
satellite application equipment research and development. The park is divided 
into the airport core functional area, navigation R&D and manufacturing area, 
satellite industrial area, bonded area, aviation business district, aviation 
sports and leisure area and navigable community.

At present, Hannan General Aviation Airport has built a 1600-meter airport 
runway, with supporting terminal buildings, event buildings, hangars, FBO and 
other ancillary buildings, of which the FBO has a total construction area of 
40,000 square meters, the largest among China's domestic navigation airports .

Wuhan signed a contract Saturday with 19 projects which cover navigation 
manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, training, operation and service, and 
satellite technology, with total investment reaching 145 billion yuan. The 
signing of the above projects will greatly enrich Wuhan's aviation industry 
chain, making it one whole-industrial-chain aero industrial park covering 
production, flying, training and maintenance.

The Wuhan General Aviation and Satellite Industrial Park has begun to take 
shape and it will not only be the normal venue for the WFE, but also the new 
hub for domestic and global aviation industry and paradise for flying amateurs, 
according to one organizer, adding that Wuhan hopes to see more friends joining 
them to explore the aero industry.

Source: Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone

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