Country for PR: China
Contributor: PR Newswire Asia (China)
Friday, January 12 2018 - 21:30
Strategic Cooperation Enables Millions of Chinese Developers on CSDN to get First-Hand Knowledge About Blockchain Technology
SINGAPORE, Jan. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- Strategic Cooperation on Blockchain Technology between Singapore SCRY.INFO 
and China's Largest Open Source Developer Community ¨C CSDN. 

With the increasing popularity and prevalence of 5G and highly digitized 
information, the age of AI autonomy is nearly here. As an emerging and 
practical value network application technology that provides secure encryption 
and distributed storage, blockchain is becoming an important technology pursued 
by global IT talents. CSDN and SCRY.INFO have reached a strategic cooperation 
agreement on open source, technology sharing and application research with 
respect to blockchain, to comprehensively promote related technology, 
scenario-based applications and industrial development-based exploration, by 
leveraging complementary resources. 

Founded in 1999, CSDN (Chinese Software Developer Network) is the largest IT 
and software development community platform in China. It provides Chinese 
software developers and IT professionals comprehensive services related to IT, 
covering knowledge sharing, career development and software development, to 
meet the growing needs of professional software developers, to learn and share 
information and knowledge, establish and develop social circles, and 
commercialize technologies through software development. Currently, CSDN has 
over 55 million individual members, and millions of tech-companies and 
tech-communities. In China, CSDN is the source of 70% of articles on computer 
technologies that are searched for in Chinese language, and a platform where 
90% of Chinese IT professionals discuss coding and technologies. 

This strategic cooperation between CSDN and SCRY.INFO will open up blockchain 
technology for all levels of developers, through online training, offline code 
sharing, application research on security and encryption, etc. Based on the 
applications built by these developers, SCRY.INFO will provide scholarships and 
international employment opportunities to outstanding developers. SCRY.INFO has 
established developer communities in Japan, USA, Singapore, China and Canada, 
and in collaboration with CSDN, will introduce more front-line commercial 
applications in the Chinese market. It will further promote vitality in the 
industry, technology integration, and industrial and technological innovation.

The strategic cooperation between SCRY.INFO and CSDN is expected to 
tremendously benefit blockchain technology ecosystem development, and influence 
the entire industry, thereby enabling more traditional developers to use 
blockchain to create value.