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Monday, April 16 2018 - 18:36
Li Jinyuan: "The World Focus on China Now. TIENS is in!"
BEIJING, China, April 16, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

China's signature international economic meeting, The Boao Forum for Asia 
Annual Conference 2018 officially ended by April 11th. With the theme of "An 
Open and Innovative Asia for a World of Greater Prosperity", Li Jinyuan, 
chairman of Tiens Group was invited to participate in the Forum, where Li 
stated that as the global economy has its eyes on China, and China eyes on the 
world as well. The Belt and Road Initiative has brought the company an open 
platform to attract all industries to focus on China.

Li Jinyuan stated that taking Hainan as an example, "if Hainan can achieve the 
plan of environmental protection and health tourism, Hainan will certainly 
create miracles in the future. Tiens has always been preparing for any 
opportunity and it will leverage the current trend to accelerate its 
preparation." Tiens has long been at the forefront of globalization. Its 
accumulated experience over the years will greatly affect the long-term global 
development of enterprises. "In response to this initiative, we are encouraging 
enterprises to take this opportunity to go global. This is the best way to 
proactively face the world."

Li Jinyuan pointed out that "Tiens is an international company and the Belt and 
Road Initiative is like an engine to start Tiens globalization."

Li Jinyuan attended the Boao Forum for Asia 2018 as an outstanding entrepreneur 
to participate "invitation only" sub-forums: on April 9th, he joined the 21st 
Century Maritime Silk Road Island Economy Cooperation, ASEAN-China 
Governors/Mayors Roundtable and Redefine Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship 
sessions with world top business leaders. Li was also invited to attend the 
Japan-China CEO Dialogue on April 10th, as one of ten selected entrepreneurs 
for China delegation. Li shared Tiens' global strategy and it's successful 
experiences from the Belt and Road Initiative that Tiens has achieved.

Pan Haiping, a media icon and the deputy general manager of Office of General 
Manager, Xinhua News Agency said that the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum 
for Asia Annual Conference 2018 revealed that the Belt and Road Initiative 
originated in China, but the opportunities and achievements it creates belong 
to the world. 

Pan Haiping believes that as a Chinese brand deeply involved in the 
international market, Tiens Group represents one of China's "going global" 
enterprises. Tiens Group was established in 1995 and entered the international 
market in 1997. After the Belt and Road Initiative was introduced, Tiens Group 
responded immediately and has opened up new markets in 37 countries and regions 
including the United States, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, South Korea, UAE, 
and the Philippines. Currently, Tiens has spread its business into over 190 
countries and regions in the world, established branches in 110 countries and 
regions, and has formed strategic alliances with outstanding companies in many 
countries around the world. Tiens has set the industry benchmark for Chinese 
enterprises to successfully "go global".

According to the theme and spirit of the conference, Cui Xiaolin, Head Editor 
of China Economic Weekly, People's Daily said that the Boao Forum for Asia 
Annual Conference 2018 is the first China-hosted diplomatic activity this year 
and Chinese leaders attach much importance to it. It is also a new starting 
point, with a number of heads of countries and world business leaders in 
attendance exceeding that of previous years. He said that from the perspective 
of Asia, China is facing the world on behalf of all of Asia and has reached a 
new height in this new era.

Cui Xiaolin believes that China has become an economic leader of the world, 
especially with the delivery of the Belt and Road Initiative. China has led the 
development of countries along the route, which has also helped China economic 
growth tremendously. He emphasized that the development of the Belt and Road 
Initiative is not only a search for business opportunities, but also a mission 
to represent Chinese companies to step in the global arena, which allows the 
world to see China's participation. Tiens' participation in the Belt and Road 
Initiative is a further indication of this.

Source: Tiens Group

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   Caption: Li Jinyuan participated in ASEAN-China Governors/Mayors Roundtable 
to share Tiens Group's successful results via the Belt and Road Initiative.