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Friday, December 07 2018 - 06:17
The Korea Ginseng Association's regional festivals are going successfully
SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The Korea Ginseng Association reported that the annual October Korean Ginseng 
festivals, total 16 of them this year, are successfully being held across the 

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A Korean Ginseng Festival

Among the 16 festivals, Anseong World Organic Ginseng Summit, 2018 Kaesong 
Ginseng Festival, Geumsan Insam Festival, Seosan Ginseng Farmers Market, 
Hongcheon Luxury GInseng and Korean Beef festival, Eumseong Ginseng Festival, 
and Jeungpyeong Ginseng Festival have successfully finished.

At these festivals, the increased number of foreign tourists garnered 
attention, reflecting the influence of Hanryu and growing global interests in 
the Korean Ginseng.

At the Geumsan Insam Festival, interactive booths that provided opportunity to 
experience traditional Korean medicine market, brewing new sprout ginseng 
liquor, and soap-making grabbed visitors' interests.

'Anseong World Organic Ginseng Summit 2018' operated an exhibition that 
provided education about and samples of ginseng; other activities such as 
Organic Ginseng Hunt, making ginseng plant pots, and food courts were also 

Hongcheon Luxury Ginseng and Korean Beef festival connected the farmers with 
consumers directly. The cooking area is located next to the market space to 
provide a space for the visitors to buy and enjoy good quality products at 
affordable prices. Traditional game of tug-of-war and cooking contest also 
entertained the visitors.

The Korean Ginseng festival will continue until the end of October in other 

- Seoul (Korean Ginseng Festival); 
- Gyeonggi (Anseong Ginseng Festival, Hwaseong Ginseng Festival, Icheon Ginseng 
Festival, Ganghwa Korean Ginseng Festival, Kimpo Ginseng Festival, Paju Kaesong 
Ginseng Festival); 
- Jeonbuk (Korean Red Ginseng Festival); 
- Kyungpook (Kyungpook Yeongju Punggi Ginseng Festival) 

The above-mentioned festivals are awaiting tourists and visitors. 

The Korea Ginseng Association's vice-chairman Han-Seung-Hun says, "Through 
these Korean Ginseng festivals happening across the region, I hope visitors can 
become familiar with the world-famous Korean Ginseng."

For details on festival dates and schedule, please see

SOURCE The Korea Ginseng Association