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India's largest news agency, Press Trust of India is a non-profit sharing cooperative owned by the country's newspapers. PTI's subscribers include newspapers, television channels, the state-run All India Radio and Doordarshan, the national broadcaster, government organisations, websites and several media and non-media organisations. With a staff of 1300 including 400 journalists, PTI has over 70 bureaus across the country and corresondents in major cities in the world.

Besides its flagship English News Service, PTI also has PTI Photo Service and news service in Hindi, India's national language.

Press Releases are distributed to PTI subscribers through PTI wires that reach subscribers through satellite, the Internet and in some case e-mail.

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Mumbai: Bollywood actress Vidya Balan during the inaugration of an exhibition on legendary artist Charlie Chaplin in Mumbai. PTI

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Vidya Balan during the inaugration of an exhibition on legendary artist Charlie Chaplin in Mumbai. PTI

My NBA entry will give many Indians hope: Satnam
New Delhi, Jun 26 (PTI) On cloud nine after becoming the
first Indian to make the NBA draft for Dallas Mavericks,
Satnam Singh Bhamra today said his entry will open the doors
for more Indians to play basketball at the highest level in
Having represented the national team, Satnam moved to
Florida for training before making his presence felt in the
NBA circuit. The 19-year-old sensation believes that many
hoopsters can take a leaf out of his book to dream big.
"The feeling is ofcourse unreal but it has happened and I
feel that my entry will certainly open the doors for many
aspiring basketballers in India to dream big," said an elated
Satnam to a host of Indian journalists on conference call from
the US.
"At least there is somebody with whom the youngsters back
home can identify, somebody who is playing in the NBA. Now a
road has opened up for them from which they can come up
"The game will certainly grow in India in the coming
years. You see the popularity of cricket now but in future
basketball will also be popular back home," he added.
Hailing from a small village called 'Ballo Ke' near
Ludhiana, the 7 feet 2 inches player has made it to the home
of basketball in the world and Satnam admitted that there was
lot of anxiety before the result of the draft came in. Satnam
was picked in the 52nd draft and second list of the NBA.
"Forget about sleep, I haven't even eaten anything
because of the anxiety. There were no nerves as such but just
that feeling that I should make it into the draft. I was
certainly hopeful after coming this far but there is always a
big if. But by the grace of God I have realised my dream," he
said with a big laugh.
Coming from a farmer's family, Satnam came to the US in
September 2010 as part of a scholarship program between IMG
and Reliance. The 110 kg player thanked his family and his
first guide for making his dream a reality.
"I haven't been able to call home but I will certainly
get connected via skype. I can never forget about the prayers
and sacrifices of of my mother, who is instrumental in me
getting here.
"My sister also went to the guruduwara and prayed a lot
for me. I can't also thank enough Dr. Subramaniam, my first
coach, who believed in me and always encouraged me to chase my
dreams and achieve my goals." PTI