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India's largest news agency, Press Trust of India is a non-profit sharing cooperative owned by the country's newspapers. PTI's subscribers include newspapers, television channels, the state-run All India Radio and Doordarshan, the national broadcaster, government organisations, websites and several media and non-media organisations. With a staff of 1300 including 400 journalists, PTI has over 70 bureaus across the country and corresondents in major cities in the world.

Besides its flagship English News Service, PTI also has PTI Photo Service and news service in Hindi, India's national language.

Press Releases are distributed to PTI subscribers through PTI wires that reach subscribers through satellite, the Internet and in some case e-mail.

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Srinagar: Migratory birds at Dal Lake after heavy snowfall in Srinagar. PTI Photo

Srinagar: Migratory birds at Dal Lake after heavy snowfall in Srinagar. PTI Photo

250 Indian IT firms to showcase products at Hyderabad event
Dubai, Jan 9 (PTI) An IT event where over 250 Indian
firms will showcase their products to foreign buyers will be
held in Hyderabad next month, an Indian export promotion body
hosting the flagship show said here.
The 17th edition of Indiasoft, the flagship IT event of
Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council
(ESC) will be held in Hyderabad from February 13-14 and is
expected to attract over 400 foreign buyers.
Close to 250 Indian ICT firms of various sizes will
display their products and solutions at the event, according
to a statement released by ESC here.
This premier IT show, being held in different cities
every year and is supported by the Union Ministry of Commerce
and Industry.
"The show will have several new facets keeping in view
the focus laid by the government to usher in a digital
revolution in the country. Also, care has been taken to align
the IT capabilities of the nascent state of Telengana with the
focus of the show so as to enable the IT companies in the
state to display their products and solutions to gain a
foothold in the export market," Kamal Vachani, regional
director of ESC for the Middle East, said.
"Keeping in tune with the focus laid down by the
government for promoting startups in the digital domain, we
expect a lot of small and mid-size companies to participate at
the show to familiarize themselves with the requirements of
the foreign buyers," said Deepak Sareen, Executive Director,
According to him, ICT landscape globally is undergoing a
change and Indian IT scenario would have to adapt to the
changing needs of the overseas clients.
ESC is hosting a large delegation from Middle East at
"We expect that this year's show will have more business
focus on account of the radical changes taking place across
the world for digitisation and gradual penetration of
internet," Sareen said. PTI