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AsiaNet delivers global scale for local content, circulating news from all corners of the world

From translation services to targeted distribution options, AsiaNet amplifies content by catering to traditional and new media at home and abroad.

Targeted press release distribution
With over 198 distribution options in Asia across 18 news categories, AsiaNet provides the flexibility to target by country and subject matter. Your message, delivered to the right audiences in the countries you want to target. 

Translation into local languages
AsiaNet’s network of agencies are the national news agencies in their respective regions, providing high quality, media-ready translations of your content. Your press release, sent into each market in the local language for greater impact.  

Image and multimedia distribution
Maximise the impact of your press release with visuals and multimedia to support your content, helping your release to stand out when it is posted onto global news websites as press clippings. 

Social and web distribution
AsiaNet’s extensive network combines the power of newswire dissemination, with the reach of email transmissions and the SEO of website posts. These methods of distribution are further enhanced with several social media options to boost your potential audience beyond traditional media.

Press clippings of content distributed by AsiaNet.
Press clippings of content distributed by AsiaNet.