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Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Wednesday, March 01 2017 - 19:59
Central Enterprises launch a new wave of investments in Inner Mongolia, signing contracts worth RMB 402 billion Yuan at an informal meeting
BEIJING, China, Mar.1, 2017 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Central Enterprises (the state-owned enterprises supervised and managed by the 
central government of China) are launching a new round of investments in Inner 
Mongolia. An informal meeting outlining the cooperation between the Inner 
Mongolia Autonomous Region and Central Enterprises was held in Beijing on Feb. 
27, in which 64 Central Enterprises signed contracts for 88 major projects in 
Inner Mongolia, amounting to a total investment of RMB 402 billion Yuan.

In recent years, Inner Mongolia has been taking a lead on a national scale in 
such industries as energy, chemicals, agricultural and animal products, and 
cloud computing, showing positive development trends and promising prospects, 
and attracting increased favor and attention from investors.

When addressing the informal meeting, Li Jiheng, Secretary of the CPC Committee 
of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, pointed out that Inner Mongolia boasts 
a vast territory, abundant resources, an advantageous location, picturesque 
natural landscapes, a long history and culture, and rich ethnic customs, 
displaying its prosperity and vitality in all aspects of life. Inner Mongolia 
has a number of development programs in place, such as the building of the 
"seven networks", the development of the "seven industries" and the 
construction of the Horinger New District, all of which represent huge business 
opportunities and a driving force for modernization. Inner Mongolia will do its 
best to provide the investing enterprises with a first-class business 
environment, and hopefully all enterprises will look upon Inner Mongolia as an 
important destination for their investments.

Hao Peng, Secretary of the CPC Committee of the State-owned Assets Supervision 
and Administration Commission under the State Council, expressed his belief 
that Inner Mongolia, as a nationally important energy resource base, an 
ecological security screen and a secure shelter, will play an increasingly 
prominent role in guaranteeing the economic and social development of the 
nation. "Hopefully Central Enterprises can grasp these opportunities and take 
the initiative to strengthen the strategic cooperation with Inner Mongolia at a 
higher level and across a broader field; the companies should ensure their own 
development while pushing the economic development of Inner Mongolia to a new 

During the informal meeting, managers of a number of enterprises explained that 
at present, Inner Mongolia is undergoing a key transition from the old ways of 
development to a new model, building a modern support engine. Therefore, Inner 
Mongolia will present a broad platform for investment cooperation in fields 
such as new energies, advanced materials, energy saving, environmental 
protection, high-end equipment, big data cloud computation, bio technology, 
traditional Inner Mongolian medicine and "Tourism +".

Source: The People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

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