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Crowdsprint Launches Online Crowd-based Testing Services for Under USD $1,000
MELBOURNE, Australia, Mar. 8, 2017/Medianet International-AsiaNet/--

 * Test apps and websites quicker, easier and cheaper at 

Crowdsprint Pty Ltd, a crowdsourced testing company, today announced that 
innovators around the world who want to deliver the best apps and websites, can 
now purchase testing packages online. The packages start from under USD$1,000 
and can be ordered in minutes. The new crowd testing platform brings the power 
of the crowd to software testing, making it accessible and affordable for any 
sized business, located anywhere in the world.

Crowdsprint CEO, Jamie Duffield said: "People developing and launching apps and 
website globally want to quickly and cheaply test them, so we've made it easy 
for them to find bugs and defects by launching the ability to purchase these 
testing services online. Whether you're a business building your own apps, need 
a QA check on your clients apps/websites, have run out of time and resources 
internally to test before launch, or you simply want to test your apps to 
identify problems so they can be improved, anyone can now buy a suitable 
testing package online, letting crowdsprint do the rest.

"Faulty applications and websites can be the difference between success and 
failure for businesses, but often, business owners believe that "testing" can 
be successfully carried out by staff, friends and family. While friends and 
family are a great place to start, our experience shows that an entry level 
"starter" package, which entails up to seven testers, seven devices with up to 
three days of testing, could expect to yield up to 40 valid defects. Launching 
an application with 40 defects could spell disaster for any business," said 

"There are significant benefits of testing the front-end functionality, 
usability and security of apps and websites with non-technical every day folk. 
By testing digital projects on real devices and operating systems with real 
users, businesses can vastly improve defect-detection rates, reduce testing 
costs by 50 to 70 percent, and go to market quicker to flawlessly launch new 
digital products and services."

"As businesses increasingly turn to applications and websites as channels to 
conduct business and interact with their customers, we’re seeing commensurate 
growth in the demand for crowd testing services globally. Every time an app or 
website is updated it needs to be tested to ensure it still works as it should."


About crowdsprint 

Crowdsprint provides managed crowdsourced testing services to organisations 
globally through an extensive network of expert and non-technical testers 
distributed across the world. Regardless if organisations are developing a 
single app or transforming an entire enterprise, crowdsprint helps them to 
execute on their digital roadmap by providing appropriate crowdsourced testing 
services based on requirements and budget.  

With crowdsprint, organisations can perform Functional Testing, Exploratory 
Testing, Test Case Execution, Cross Browser Testing, Device Compatibility 
Testing, User Experience (UX) Testing, Accessibility Testing, Alpha and Beta 
Testing, Localisation Testing, Regression Testing, Production Verification 
Testing, Static Testing, Security Testing and more.

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