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Tuesday, March 21 2017 - 06:45
German Chancellor Visits DERMALOG
HANOVER, Germany, Mar. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    At this year's CeBIT Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel visited the Hamburg-based 
biometrics manufacturer DERMALOG. The Chancellor came to the DERMALOG stand 
together with the Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe. Japan is this year's CeBIT 
partner country. At the largest German biometrics company the two government 
leaders could see the three most important biometrics in use: fingerprint, face 
and iris recognition as well as DERMALOG's multi-biometrics system.  

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    Passwords and PIN-Numbers are already being replaced with biometrics - for 
example with fingerprints. Biometrics are easy to use and the user has no need 
to remember any annoying passwords anymore. DERMALOG's founder and CEO Guenther 
Mull presented the latest fingerprint scanners and "Liveness Detection" to the 
state guests. This technology helps to fight fraud and makes biometric 
identification even safer.

    In addition, the visitors were able to see a new type of 
All-in-One-Scanner, which is able to capture fingerprints, passports, tickets 
and other documents using the same scanning surface. There is no longer a need 
for different devices, as the new VF1 is able to scan everything using the same 
surface. The new scanner is suitable for eGates and Kiosks, as well as for 
national registration offices and banks, and can even be used for access to 
events or arenas. As the next Olympics will take place in Tokyo, Japan, Prime 
Minister Shinzo Abe showed great interest in the new VF1 device and in new 
types of mobile biometrics units.

    During her visit, the Chancellor had a close look at the DERMALOG ZF1 
Finger Scanners, which are part of the equipment in the German national 
registration offices, as well as the LF10 Fingerprint Scanners which are used 
for refugee registration in Germany since the last year. Furthermore, she was 
shown the DERMALOG REAL TIME AFIS, by which every person can be found within 
three seconds even in extremely large-scale databases.

    With a new type of biometric kiosk the two high-ranking visitors were shown 
how multi-biometrics works. This is a combination of different types of 
biometrics like face and fingerprint. Only if two or more biometrics are 
identical, access will be granted. Multi-biometrics are being used to further 
enhance security.

    DERMALOG's biometric systems are "Made in Germany" and are used in more 
than 220 large-scale government installation and by many banks in 83 countries, 
especially to prevent fraud and double payments. In the Philippines DERMALOG's 
biometrics system prevents from duplicate voters. The company's systems are 
furthermore used for Border Control and to issue passports and ID Cards - 
whenever it comes to prevent from double or false identities.  
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