Country for PR: China
Contributor: Xinhua News Agency
Thursday, April 20 2017 - 12:44
Beef Noodle: Name Card of Lanzhou
LANZHOU, China, Apr. 20, 2017 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/ --

Residents in NW China's Lanzhou City start their morning with a bowl of hot 
beef noodle. Beef noodle is an indispensable food of local people and an 
important way for the world to learn about the city.

Add some ash water rich in potassium carbonate to the mixed dough and wait for 
a while and then the chefs will turn the dough into over ten kinds of noodle of 
diverse types. With some delicious beef soup, the beef noodle can well serve 
one's appetite.

Beef noodle is regarded as a piece of name card of Lanzhou City. There are more 
than 1,000 beef noodle cookshops in Lanzhou and they can sell over one million 
bowls of beef noodle every day.

SOURCE: Lanzhou Municipal Government

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