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Australian Aboriginal Fashion from Warrina Designs
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Warrina Designs is the Authentic Aboriginal Art & Cultural Hub, producing 
unique fashion products and accessories from ancient Australian Aboriginal arts 
and designs. The word 'Warrina' means gifts or the act of giving away things in 
the Aboriginal Culture. We convert a few of our Aboriginal Artworks into 
excellent products with stunning colours and glorious designs such as 100% Silk 
Scarves, Ties, Bucket Hats, Umbrella's, Tops. Kaftans, Bags etc.

Aboriginal view of creation is known as Dreamtime or Dreaming. Most of the 
traditional artworks have Dreamtime stories associated with them. Australian 
Aboriginal artwork is the only living ancient art in the world. These artworks 
incorporate motifs, symbols etc. with their heritage dating back to 60,000 

The aboriginals used to perform their artwork in caves, sand, tree leaves etc. 
Aboriginal people believe that in ancient time their ancestral beings sprung up 
from beneath the soil and created almost everything for future generations. 

WARRINA DESIGNS is part of M&S Textiles Australia – the leading textile 
destination for Patchwork & Quilting industry. At M&S Textiles Australia, we 
print our Australian Aboriginal designs on to 100% good quality cotton suiting 
Patchwork & Quilting, Fashion and Home ware. We supply these products across 
the globe being Australia, USA and Europe the main locations. 

At WARRINA DESIGNS, we offer the highest quality and be very latest in trend to 
the fashionable things. All our products are very competitive in price and 
standards. Considering the fact that we supply the goods in the most of the 
major outlets, we make our packaging more presentable so that customers opt to 
pick the product without any hesitation. Join us in our dream to spread 
Aboriginal art to the ends of the world. 

Australian Indigenous people honour their land and culture dearly. Any cultural 
enthusiasts may have noticed in recent times that there have been silent 
indigenous cultural revolutions in the field of music, textile-art and fashion 
taking place. As a result of this, Bangarra music, Warrina Designs, M&S 
Textiles Australia and LD Paperbark Women are in forward move.

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Press release for Hong Kong Fashion Week Spring/Summer, July 10-13, 2017
Dr. Sham Lohani, Managing Director
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T/A Warrina Designs and M&S Textiles Australia

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