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Friday, August 11 2017 - 09:00
Nothing is Impossible for Hawkers: They Reach an Agreement With LEO MESSI
MADRID, Aug. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- The stories of Leo Messi and of Hawkers are both about overcoming challenges, 
and about talent: being successful around the world, whilst being "regular guys"
- Hawkers and Messi launch a limited edition line of sunglasses
- The MESSI brand chooses Hawkers to continue growing

    Destiny and success seem like they are limited to a chosen few, or to the 
heroes of one of those 90s romantic comedies which once packed out cinemas. 
Today, it is clear that this is not the case.

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    This story starts in the city of Rosario, Argentina, where Lionel Andrés 
Messi was born. He was just a normal kid, but he was destined to make history 
and break the established conventions of his world: football.

    The story of the Argentinian star is reminiscent - with certain 
differences, of course - to that of four neighbourhood friends from Elche, 
Spain who opened previously closed doors through talent, work and perseverance. 
That spirit of improvement, that capacity which can be seen in the eyes of 
people who know that they can do it, led them blindly to split from the 
established reality and to revolutionize - as Messi did several years before - 
a 100 year old industry, accustomed as it was to the unquestioned reign of old 
guard companies. Now, the company from Elche, Alicante, Spain, has marked a 
turning point in the global sunglasses business and a milestone in worldwide 

    Today, Hawkers has reached yet another milestone, uniting with a man widely 
considered to be the greatest footballer player of all time, and making this 
the first time that Leo Messi has joined forces with a sunglasses brand to 
launch his own collection.

    For the collaboration campaign, Hawkers, as ever, isn't leaving the public 
feeling indifferent. The brand has produced a fashion film using innovative 
production effects, a trend in today's Streetwear videos, and all set to the 
music of trap artist, Kidd Keo, with a track specially produced for this 

    "When we set out on this adventure 4 years ago, we dreamt of making our own 
movie, with ourselves as actors, obviously, (he laughs)... and because of that, 
we work with the philosophy that every action and every decision should be cool 
enough to appear in the movie. Messi is a luxury for a startup like Hawkers. It 
is a big step in continuing to revolutionize an entire industry..., and it's 
yet another excuse to enter talks with Netflix", jokes Francisco Pérez, Partner 
and General Manager of Hawkers Group.

    Alex Moreno, co-founder and CEO of Hawkers Group, says: "At Hawkers, we 
aspire to excellence, signing an agreement with the greatest player of all 
time, and Leo Messi is betting on the company which is changing the e-commerce 
industry to take his brand to another level through the Internet."

    David Moreno, co-founder of the company, underlines that "Hawkers and Leo 
Messi share the same values. If Messi has gotten this far, it is because he 
believes in himself, he works hard, and he has picked himself up and dusted 
himself down time and time again".

    "In Hawkers, we have always had that fighter's spirit that makes us believe 
that anything is possible. Working with the greats is always in our sights, and 
that lets us learn and get better each time. Although we always wanted to have 
Messi playing in the kickabouts that the company has on Tuesdays... this 
business alliance is the closest we have been able to get to the dream of 
actually playing with Leo", adds Moreno.

    For his part, Leo Messi himself emphasizes that "From the first moment that 
we were introduced to Hawkers, we recognised that we were united by certain 
values. I hope that the project we have kicked off will be well-received by our 
followers, because they are our inspiration when designing both the collection 
and the marketing creativity".

    The Argentinian star's collection is composed of nine models made with the 
New Generation of Hawkers materials. Swiss TR90, and a high-quality polymer 
which lends lightness and elasticity, and a look which combines Street Style 
and Sportswear designed specially for Leo.

    Of the nine models in the collection, Hawkers and Leo Messi have opted for 
a different business vertical, not wanting to forget the youngest fans. The 
Limited Edition includes three styles for kids, three new models in the style 
of 'Warwick Classic' and three new models of the 'ONE' collection. All of the 
above have a modern style, with colors and prints adapted to the latest trends.

    The Leo Messi collection for Hawkers are now available on the Hawkers 
website and cost between 25EUR and 35EUR.

Source:  Hawkers