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Thursday, August 24 2017 - 17:51
Find The Roots of Chinese Culture - Visit The Mother River kicks off in Dongying, China
DONGYING, China, Aug. 24, 2017, /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Recently, Find The Roots Of Chinese Culture  -  Visit The Mother River 
officially got under way in Dongying, China. Taking the forms of recreational 
vehicles+ photography + music + ethnic culture, this event, as one of the 
all-for-one tourism events organized by the municipal government of Dongying in 
2017, will provide all photography enthusiasts with a somewhat unusual 
opportunity to search for the roots of the Yellow River civilization and 
endeavor to undertake a comprehensive exploration of Yellow River culture.

Located in the north of Shandong Province and the Yellow River estuary, 
Dongying is the central city in the Yellow River Delta, an important nodal city 
in the area around the Bohai Sea, and a city ideally situated for coordinated 
development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province. With abundant natural 
resources, Dongying has the most complete, the widest and youngest wetland 
ecosystem in the Chinese warm temperate zones. With an area of 1,530 square 
kilometers, it is known as The Most Beautiful Wetlands in China and is also the 
birthplace and the main production area of the Shengli Oil Field, the second 
largest oil field in China. 80% of Shengli Oil Field's petroleum yet to be 
extracted and 85% of its yields are concentrated in Dongying. With a rich and 
magnificent cultural history, Dongying is the hometown of Sun Wu, the famous 
ancient Chinese military strategist. Master Sun's Art of War written by him is 
widely regarded as a bible in the military world. Dongying is also the 
birthplace of LYU opera, one of the key local operas in Shandong.

SOURCE: Municipal Government of Dongying

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