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Thursday, September 07 2017 - 19:15
A 2,000-year-old Chinese City gets Promoted
SHIJIAZHUANG, China, Sept. 7, 2017 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

Organized by Shijiazhuang Tourism Development Committee, a three-day travel 
promotion conference wrapped up on Sept. 4 in Zhengding, an ancient city of 
Hebei province in northern China.

It came as the local authorities doubled its efforts to transform its 
smoke-stack economy into an eco-friendly one.

Zhengding, a 2,000-year-old city under the provincial capital city of 
Shijiazhuang, is to be built into China's cultural center and a famous travel 
destination, as well as a pastoral city of historical significance.

Three mascots have been publicized in the conference, namely "Youyou", 

Zhengding is a national famous historical and cultural city with many famous 
cultural relics such as three mountains which you cannot see, nine bridges 
under where water does not flow, nine gateways (four gatehouses, four turrets 
and Yanghe building), four towers, eight temples and twenty-four gold arches. 
There are nine cultural relics under national-level protection, five cultural 
relics under provincial protection, 24 cultural relics under county-level 
protection and 7,000 pieces of cultural relics collection in this city. History 
reserves many beautiful symbols in this ancient and magical land, Longcangsi 
Temple inscription in Sui Dynasty, clock tower in Tang Dynasty, complete Song 
Dynasty buildings, four old pagodas built in Tang Dynasty and a large number of 
buildings built in Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty demonstrating continuous 
development of nine dynasties, which are praised by Mr. Liang Sicheng as "the 
treasure-house of ancient art".

The ancient city's transformation started over 30 years ago when Chinese 
President Xi Jinping, then Zhengding's chief, presided over building a 
traditional Chinese-style mansion which can be used as a base for TV series 

Investors from over 20 provinces in China, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Morocco 
and Canada were invited to participate the conference.

A travel fair was launched, large live performances and Chinese ancient 
theatrical performances were put on the stage during the conference. The 
country's top travel industry experts gathered to offer suggestions for the 
city's development.

In addition, the provincial authorities boost Zhengding's travel industry by 
increasing train services. From May 15, the trains that stop at Zhengding 
station increased to 30, and will reach 34 in peak time. Since July, the prime 
time of travel, an average of 15,000 tourists have visited Zhengding per day,  
three times the same period of last year.

Many other tourist destinations around Shijiazhuang city are also promoted in 
the conference. Shijiazhuang is only one hour and twenty minutes' ride by 
high-speed train from Beijing, making it convenient to travel between the two 

One of these famous scenery is Zhaozhou Bridge, which is also known as Anji 
Bridge, an engineering wonder constructed in the 7th century. It is regarded as 
the oldest stone-arched bridge in the world.

The bridge is about 50 meters long, 7.3 meters high with a width of 9 meters. 
The span of its large stone arch in the middle measures 37.37 meters - the 
world's largest arch at that time.

Another have-to-go place is Xibaipo, one of the most famous revolutionary 
places in China. From May 1948 to March 1949, the Communist Party of China set 
up its headquarters in this village.

The travel promotion conference is the first of its kind in Shijiazhuang. 

Source: Shijiazhuang Tourism Development Committee

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