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Medianet is the market leading and most reputable press release distribution service in Australia. 

With exclusive ties to newsrooms, Medianet holds an influential position in the unique Australian media landscape. Its main strength is the exclusive ability to feed directly into the editorial systems of Australia's two largest media groups of which it's part of: News Corp Australia and Nine Entertainment Co. This means releases distributed by Medianet are not only sent by email but can also be fed directly into the editorial systems owned by these two groups which hold 70 percent of the readership across metro, regional and international newspapers, as well as most news websites' audience share.

Corporates, public relations agencies, not-for-profit organisations, government bodies and small businesses disseminate press releases via Medianet through multiple channels including email, direct feeds, Multimedia News Releases and online publishing. Medianet also offers the ability to expand the reach of press releases by turning them into ads that are targeted to news sites and social media platforms.

Medianet clients have access to a platform where they can select from a range of curated media lists or build their own lists from a database of more than 36,000 media contacts and outlets. Medianet also offers in-depth release reporting to measure PR effectiveness.

Internationally, as an AsiaNet member, Medianet partners with news agencies in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. As a market leader for media communications in Australia, Medianet proudly partners with leading news release organisations in Europe and the United States to diversify product offerings and collaborate in knowledge sharing.