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2022 Beijing International Cooperation Forum and CBD Forum Opened

2022 Beijing International Cooperation Forum and CBD Forum opened.

On the morning of September 6, Beijing International Cooperation Forum and CBD Forum, the main forum of 2022 Beijing CBD International Business Season, opened.

Chaoyang District government has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission. In the future, the two sides will promote the gathering of even more international resources in CBD, facilitate enterprises to implement the “going global” and “bringing in” strategies, and carry out a series of pilot projects in application of new consumption scenarios, green finance and green consumption.

The Beijing CBD International Business Festival (formerly known as the Beijing CBD Business Festival) has been successfully held for 22 times and it is one of the most important business activities in Beijing. At present, Beijing CBD is accelerating the pace to gather new consumer products, new brands and new business forms, in the endeavor to create a world-class business circle worth hundreds of billions of yuan.

In 2021, more than 400 first stores were launched in Beijing CBD, which made the area top the city in this regard; and more than one third of all international brands have landed in the area. Among the altogether 34 Michelin restaurants in Beijing, 34 are located in CBD, accounting for nearly 60% of the total. Moreover, Beijing CBD is home to more than 60% of all the Black Pearl restaurants and nearly 50% of all the cafes of the city and the area has the highest concentration of international elements in the city.

According to the Beijing CBD Management Committee, in recent years, Beijing CBD, by taking advantage of favorable policies, has launched the Beijing CBD international business service platform, the cross-border trade digital service platform, the cross-border trade risk service platform, the foreign exchange derivative service platform, Beijing International Commercial Dispute Resolution Center, Beijing International Art Auction and Trading Center, and B&R – RCEP Innovation Service Center. Besides, China’s first L4 high-precision city-level digital twin platform has been built, featuring the CBD Digital Virtual Conference Room, and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cloud Center.

Themed “Deeply integrating into global cooperation and enhancing the city’s opening-up vitality”, the forum focuses on the CBD development in the context of globalization, fully taps Beijing CBD’s strengths in gathering international high-end resources, and promotes the integrated development of various international factors, with a view of enhancing the openness and vitality of Beijing CBD.

Under the guidance of the International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission and China Public Diplomacy Association, the Forum was co-organized by the Chaoyang District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Foreign Affairs Office of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government. The Forum won support from national platforms and international organizations such as the Global Business Districts Innovation Club and China CBD Alliance.

Source: Beijing CBD Management Committee