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2022 Belt and Road Youth Sport Exchange Week was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu

The 2022 B&R International Youth Men's 3x3 Basketball Tournament

Themed “Rhyme in Jiangsu, Towards the Future Together”, the 2022 Belt and Road Youth Sport Exchange Week (Jiangsu) was held in Nanjing city from July 10 to 15, including B&R International Youth Men’s 3×3 Basketball Tournament, Youth Outdoor Sports Challenge, International Youth Orienteering Camp and a series of activities to promote exchanges of youth sports culture. It attracted 198 international young friends of 55 countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” who have been working and studying in Nanjing for a long time participated, according to the Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau.

From July 11 to 13, the 2022 B&R International Youth Men’s 3×3 Basketball Tournament was held in Nanjing Wutaishan Stadium. 62 young people from 28 countries and regions participated in the competition. The chief referee of this game was Shi Qirong, the international referee who officiated the 2020 Tokyo Olympics basketball game.

During the exchange week, various cultural and educational exchange activities were also carried out, which enhanced the friendship between Chinese and foreign youths while feeling the profound Chinese culture. While experiencing the charm of orienteering sports, they could also feel the beautiful scenery of “Charm of Jiangsu”, and jointly write a new chapter of friendship between Jiangsu and international youth. The activity included rich and diverse historical experiences, cultural exchanges, food tasting, team activities. Students visited the beautiful countryside of Nanjing and Laoshan National Forest Park. It focused on highlighting sports and cultural exchanges between young people, publicizing traditional culture and historical and humanistic knowledge, and telling Chinese stories to international youth and spreading the voice of Jiangsu.

Source: Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau