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2022 China International Big Data Industry Expo will be held online on May 26

2022 China International Big Data Industry Expo

On May 7, 2022 China International Big Data Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Digital Expo”) press conference was held in Guiyang, announcing that the 2022 Digital Expo will take the form of cloud conference for one day, which will be held online on May 26,2022, according to China International Big Data Industry Expo Organizing Committee.

The Expo is the world’s first national expo with big data theme, which has been held for seven consecutive sessions. It has become an international event to show the latest achievements and lead the development of the industry and a world-class platform for exchanging development ideas and creating cooperation opportunities.

The expo will stick to “seize digital new machine, enjoy digital value” annual theme, continue to adhere to the concept of “global vision, national height, industry perspective, enterprise position” and the goal of “high-end, specialization, internationalization, industrialization, sustainable”, highlight the principle of “simple saving, pragmatic and efficient”, accelerate the integration of the digital economy and the real economy, enable the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and will hold online activities including “opening ceremony”, “Digital Valley Forum”, “Digital Expo release”.

During this period, people from all walks of life will be invited online to hold 8 forums on cutting-edge topics such as “Computing”, “Data security” and “metaverse”, and global big data leading scientific and technological achievements awards and enterprise achievements will be released on the day of the Expo.

In recent years, the Digital Expo has gradually become a development vane of big data and an international and professional platform, while also creating opportunities and gathering resources for the development of big data in Guizhou Province. The digital economy has grown first in China for six consecutive years. Guiyang Guian has become one of the regions with the largest number of super-large data centers in the world. Soft service industry revenue growth rate ranks among the top in China, the first in realizing the network and data of government departments and in building the unified digital government platform and the big data exchange in China, approved to build a national integrated computing network national hub node, etc. Big data has become a “beautiful business card” in Guizhou.

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Source: China International Big Data Industry Expo Organizing Committee