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2022 Golden Melody Festival Facilitates Music X Film X Gaming Talks

GMA SHOWCASE Concert with Cosmospeople(left) and ?te(right)

11 Artists & Bands Performed at SHOWCASE to Large Audiences

The series of Golden Melody Festival events executed by Taiwan Television Enterprise officially closed on June 26th. This year, exhibitions were curated around two themes: Music X Drama and Music X Games. Golden Melody Festival events included international conferences, workshops, business matchmaking events, a GMA SHOWCASE Concert, and a biz-matching program. The events attracted people across the music, film, and gaming industry. International speakers attended many of the events through video conferencing, sharing with their peers in Taiwan, their practical experiences abroad and the industry landscape. OST Yeram LIM of South Korea’s CJ ENM, CEO Mark Frieser of U.S.’s Sync Summit, and Chairman Gary Calamar of GO Music shared their experiences creating film scores. Garry Schyman, an award-winning American composer, dissected the background of gaming music and gave students of the master workshop a professional critique of their work. Alongside many top professionals in Taiwan’s film and gaming industry, Garry Schyman also explored his experiences and challenges when creating music and integrating scores with the film. Their discussions were invaluable to participants. A total of 259 businesses attended the 2022 GMA.

The GMA SHOWCASE Concert, highly anticipated by music fans, was a three-day festivity. Mixer, recipient of the Best Band Award at the 25th GMA, kicked off the first day with an invigorating performance. Lead singer Wu Shenghao shared that they were “incredibly honored to return to Kaohsiung for the Golden Melody Festival and happy that the world gets to see a little bit more of Kaohsiung.” In 2022, Mixer also welcomed their tenth anniversary with a surprise announcement: a new album and concert in the works. ?te, known for her lazy drawl, revealed that she’s still looking forward to her first performance at a music festival abroad, shouting on stage to “Give me a change!” Cosmospeople, having been out of the stage lights for a while, was especially excited about their performance at the GMA SHOWCASE Concert and announced that they will be holding a concert at the end of the year, also in Kaohsiung. On the second day, the duo JADE delivered seven songs in their stunning on-stage performance and expressed their gratitude to music festivals in Taiwan: “The current landscape of Taiwanese bands was nurtured by the many outstanding music festivals of Taiwan.” Indigenous singer Sauljaljui opened her performance with a nose flute solo and invited the audience to sing with her in her native tongue. Sauljaljui unleashed her musical prowess and used four different instruments during her performance. She closed her performance with “Singing for Each Other,” a lighthearted but moving song. Last on was Best Band nominee – Flesh Juicer. When asked about their nomination, all five of the members said that were “very happy.” Flesh Juicer closed the second day with an infectious performance filled with captivating videos and stunning lights.

OVDS opened the third day with an enlivening performance and expressed that “the GMA has fostered the music industry in Taiwan for a very long time and continued to propel musicians forward. It is a very valuable award. Last year’s GMA nomination prompted us to reassess why we first became musicians.” Last but not least, Sweet John from Tainan closed the show with their natural vocals. The band expressed an interest in performing in Japan and shared their disappointment with their delayed concert in Australia. Lastly, they expressed their wishes to meet their fans as soon as possible. In addition to musicians and bands from Taiwan, the GMA also invited Saji from Hokkaido, Japan, Bonander from Sweden, and Paolo Sandejas from the Philippines to perform online for the Golden Melody Festival audience. The three musicians were recommended by global strategic alliance partners and delivered incredible performances.

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