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2022 The Heze Peony Culture and Art Exhibition kicks off – – Let the Peony Always Bloom

HEZE, China
Works displayed at the event

Heze is a city redolent with the fragrance of flowers. Heze not only has the blooming peony, it also has a culture of five thousand years. This spring, an art event will showcase the profound cultural heritage of Heze, which will be sure to arouse strong artistic feelings in the people here. Hosted by the People’s Government of Heze and co-organized by the Publicity Department of the CPC Heze Municipal Committee, the Heze Federation of Literature and Art, and the Heze Culture and Tourism Bureau, the 2022 Heze Peony Culture and Art Exhibition opened on schedule at the VR Cloud Exhibition Hall on April 7.

Once announced, the call for submissions quickly set off a craze for the competition. The organizers received almost 40,000 works from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and China. The event reached new heights in many aspects, such as the scope, the number, and the quality of the works. After an impartial open selection by experts from national associations and the Shandong Provincial Federations of Literature and Art, 98 works of fine art, 100 works of calligraphy, 100 photographs, and 300 works of cultural creativity were selected. All of these will be displayed at this event for review of and appreciation by the public.

“As a high-tech product, the VR Cloud Exhibition Hall brings the exhibition to the cloud, creating a never-ending art event,” said a spokesperson for the event. The Cloud Exhibition model breaks the barriers of distance, time, and space, and greatly increases the popularity of the event. It gives flowers that bloom for just 20 days a chance to bloom across the whole year without fading. It allows artists and enthusiasts from all over China to intuitively feel the details of the entire exhibition hall and the works in 3D on their mobile phones without leaving their homes. They can experience the combination of peony cultural art and information technology.

Source: The Publicity Department of the CPC Heze Municipal Committee