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2022 World Industrial and Energy Internet Expo held in Changzhou

2022 World Industrial and Energy Internet Expo

2022 World Industrial and Energy Internet Expo (WIEIE) was opened in Changzhou, China, the “international smart manufacturing city” and the “new energy capital” on November 11.

At the opening ceremony, Changzhou City signed a contract with Dalian Polytechnic University and China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology to build the Longcheng Laboratory of Intelligent Manufacturing and held an inauguration ceremony. Meanwhile, there are 21 projects with large investment scale and strong driving effect to participate. The number of total investments is about 47 billion yuan, according to the organizing committee of WIEIE.

In recent years, Changzhou has actively responded to the national digital economy development strategy, taking intelligent and digital transformation as the main direction. This year, Changzhou has added 11 provincial smart factories, the first in the province, and 7 new provincial industrial Internet benchmark factories, 60 service providers, and completed more than 3,000 enterprises intelligent transformation. A total of 161 enterprises and 200 products in the fields of new energy vehicles, intelligent transformation cases, intelligent manufacturing will be displayed at the Expo.

The expo, which lasts until the end of November, brings together many industry leaders and experts, and will hold a series of special events around new energy industry, intelligent transformation, innovation and entrepreneurship.

After years of development, Changzhou has 37 major industrial categories and over 60,000 industrial enterprises, with leading industrial coverage nationwide and ranking 16th among advanced manufacturing cities in China. The ten advanced manufacturing clusters with the core of NEVs, high-end equipment and new materials have become the representatives of “Changzhou Smart Manufacturing” and formed many leading enterprises with strong industrial driving force, including 32 national manufacturing single champions.

Changzhou has also seized the chance of new energy, strives to attract new energy quality projects, continues to expand the scale of development and utilization, actively expands the market application scene, and fully promotes new energy innovation, and forms a cycle in new energy power generation, storage, transmission and application. Changzhou always insists on taking talents as the first resource of innovation. 830,000 new talents have come to Changzhou since 2012, and now the total number of talents has reached 1.5 million.

Source: The Organizing Committee of World Industrial and Energy Internet Expo