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2023 Beijing Great Wall Cultural Festival Presents Mid-Autumn Day Poetry Gala in Changping

Rendezvous at the Great Wall in Bright Moonlight

Rendezvous at the Great Wall in Bright Moonlight

On the evening of September 23, a magnificent Mid-Autumn Poetry Gala took place at the foot of the Juyongguan Great Wall in Changping, Beijing, as the main event of the 2023 Beijing Great Wall Cultural Festival.

This year, the Beijing Great Wall Cultural Festival features a main event, a high-level cultural salon, a forum and multiple themed activities, aiming to present to the world the grandeur of the millennia-old Great Wall through a modern audio-visual feast, according to the Publicity Department of Changping District.

As the night falls, the Juyongguan Great Wall was wrapped in brilliant lighting and the event opened. It included an achievement release, a launching ceremony and an art show. The gala showcased the Great Wall as a grandiose miracle in the history of human architecture and presented unparalleled historic and cultural landscape to global audiences through the release of achievements related to the Great Wall cultural belt, the screening of promotional videos on Great Wall culture, and a diverse range of performances.

The gala, centered around the Great Wall culture, featured famous ancient Chinese poems themed on the Great Wall and the moon, an original song eulogizing the moon, and a series of songs celebrating the picturesque views at the Juyongguan Great Wall.

To better promote the culture of the Great Wall, Changping District, where the Juyongguan Pass is located, launched a photo exhibition, a cultural fair, and a cage football tournament, all themed on the Great Wall, during the Great Wall Cultural Festival. Combining tourism with intangible cultural heritage, cultural creative products and sports, these events promoted the high-quality and integrated development of the cultural and tourism industries, revitalized cultural resources, enriched the supply of tourism products, spurred people's love for the Great Wall, and created an enabling environment where everyone contributes to cultural heritage protection.

Source: The Publicity Department of Changping District