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2023 Shining Shanghai Festival lights up downtown Shanghai


Recently, the 2023 Shining Shanghai Festival, organized by Jing'an District of Shanghai, kicked off at Tianhou Palace in Shanghai Suhewan MIXC World. The theme of this year's event is "Light up the City and Empower Urban Renewal", according to Jing'an District People's Government.

Shining Shanghai presented immersive architectural light and shadow shows at several landmark buildings of the city, such as Shenyuli, Tianhou Palace and Joy City shopping mall.

Along the Suzhou Creek trails, the festival integrated various elements such as sports and leisure, cuisine, music and games, bringing visitors a magical night of lights and shadows. In the Suzhou Creek waterfront, or Suhewan, themed blocks were set up to create new consumption scenarios.

As a mix of tradition and modernity, Tianhou Palace in Suhewan showcased multiple forms of immersive digital art, while Shenyuli hosted the main show of Shining Shanghai, telling the story of the city over the years with lights and shadows.

An international light and shadow art competition was also launched in Jing'an District in the summer of this year as part of the festival, attracting artists from around the world to display their works.

Source: Jing'an District People's Government, Shanghai Municipality

Source: Jing'an District People's Government, Shanghai Municipality