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2023 Summer Consumption Season Launched in Yantai

Performers are staging a dance with a song, "Hometown, the Sea", at the opening ceremony.

The hospitality of Shandong, the paradise of Yantai

In order to stimulate consumption and enhance the city's image, at 20:00 on June 20, 2023, the 2023 Shandong Summer Consumption Launch Ceremony was held at the Seaside Square of Yantai, according to the News Office of People's Government of Yantai. Visitors will encounter and embrace warmth and sincerity in this beautiful city that is honored as a "Fairyland Coast".

Yantai was born and thriving near the sea, so the sea has endowed her with a character of openness, inclusiveness, enthusiasm and hospitality. Here, people can enjoy the long reputed natural landscapes such as Yantai Mountain, Moon Bay, East Fort, Fisherman's Wharf and Yangma Islet, as well as the urban landscape with a long history and filled with humanistic atmosphere. The aromatic wine is a "purple calling card" unique to Yantai, and the seafood here represents "smell of life" unique to the city. Yantai welcomes people from all corners to enjoy the summer consumption season, join the consumption feast and share the hustle and bustle of life. Visitors can taste the wine and delicacy in the sea breeze and enjoy the beautiful scenery and live a romantic life as Yantai locals do. People can enjoy the gift from the sea and the passion of the summer like an "immortal being" and enjoy the unique charm of the only "International City of Wine" in Asia.

Source: News Office of People's Government of Yantai