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410 lbs of pure gold! Revolutionary artwork “The Castello CUBE” in New York revealed


For days now, huge screens in Times Square have been showing these mysterious coordinates: N 40° 46′ 22” / W 73° 58′ 17”. Now it’s clear what they lead to – an unprecedented work of art. Today it was revealed in the middle of New York City’s Central Park, under the greatest of security measures.

For just a few hours, “The Castello CUBE” was presented to the world. It is an artwork made of pure, 24-carat, 999.9 fine gold, weighing 410 lbs (186 kilograms). Never before in the history of humanity has such an enormous amount of gold been cast into a single, pure object. Gold – the eternal metal. Symbol of the sun, of light, of the good.

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The artist behind the golden CUBE is Niclas Castello. Creating it took more than 4500 hours of work. Pioneering work, in fact, since there were no models as to how such an object could be created. Art historians such as Dr. Dieter Buchhart are already considering “The Castello CUBE” to be “unique in the history of art”. The entire process of creation was accompanied by a notary and is ethically correct in all steps. The work of art was manufactured in a highly complex process in the legendary Art Foundry H. Rüetschi in Aarau (Switzerland).

“The Castello CUBE” will also draw attention to the new crypto currency “Castello Coin”. As physical brand ambassador the artwork will constitute a bridge between the traditional and the virtual world.

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SOURCE: Niclas Castello

Source: Niclas Castello