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52TOYS, To Be A Greater “Player” of Collectible Toys With A Hundred Outlets


Recently, Hi3wyu(, an industry new media organization focusing on creators in the fields of animation and cultural entertainment, interviews 52TOYS:

Hi3wyu: Why 52TOYS?

Chen Wei: 52TOYS has been a maker of collectible toys since day one, and our products are diversified and inclusive, and cover a wide range; secondly, on this basis, we can actually cooperate with all sorts of designers and works in different forms and with creative ideas.

If you’re to implement an idea, for instance, requirements may vary with the material or product form or manufacturing, and 52TOYS can help you a lot with this. Therefore, in my opinion, through exhibitions that allow us to make acquaintance with and learn more about each other, we’ll be able to carry more and do more.

Hi3wyu: What has 52TOYS done right that makes you profitable since 2018?

Chen Wei: Products.

52TOYS’ strongest competitiveness derives from products, and our product reserves are sufficient enough for the year after next.

Only the one who is determined can make toys, and to lead the industry one has to constantly enhance the experience and ability amid continuous accumulation, trials and errors, and progress.

Hi3wyu: How can 52TOYS be differentiated?

Chen Wei: We require our team to avoid homogeneous competition, to make our brand and products distinctive, not to be like anyone, but to foster our own style and creativity.

In terms of product forms, we have to constantly seek breakthroughs in materials, styles and processes. We’ve requested our team to adhere to all these design concepts for a long time, or in another words, we cannot be simply satisfied with the current market or the methods and creative logic that everyone prefers.

Hi3wyu: The things you like, including Mr. Huang’s (co-founder Huang Jin), are often masculine. What makes you qualified to evaluate something geared towards the female market?

Chen Wei: Based on our project determination mechanism, when it comes to projects involving lovely attributes, we’d lean more on female voices, rather than our own preferences.

52TOYS’ core and middle management have accumulated years of experience in the industry, and their understanding and insights of the industry are worth of trust, which by and large agree with our opinions.

Hi3wyu: How do you secure your supply chain?

Chen Wei: As for factories, advance preparations are necessary. Moreover, good factories are not always available whenever you need them. A good factory lies in its favorable conditions, whether in personal resources or in hardware or technical aspects. To make it better, you have to start from coordination.

The search for production resources should be a continuous process, rather than replenishing after all runs out. It’s important to locate some reserves when factories are fully equipped. Coordinating with business is a way to spread the capacity and avoid risks.

Hi3wyu: Are you planning to open 100 stores?

Chen Wei: The first batch consists of 100 stores, in which brand stores will account for 20% and standard stores for 70% or 80%.

Founded in 2015, the company is a researcher and producer of art toys, PVC figures, GKs (garage kits), BJDs (ball-jointed dolls), action figures, building blocks, statues, and plastic models.

52TOYS defines itself as a maker of collectible toys, which can be very diversified, including but not limited to art toys. Collectible toys can be loaded with different IPs and styles and cater for players who has various hobbies by means of diverse categories, sizes, materials, and creative forms, regardless of genders, preferences or consumption levels.

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Source: 52TOYS