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95th Anniversary of of China Academy of Art: Series of Academic Events Kick off on its Launch Day


-Get Firsthand Knowledge from the Masters, Follow the Footsteps of the Great

95 years have passed by. The China Academy of Art (CAA) has developed itself into a national institution of higher education in fine arts with the most comprehensive disciplines and the fullest scale. 95 years later, the CAA continues to promote its development as a world-class academy by trekking the pioneering journey of Chinese art, building a core site of art education. It has grown into a university with five campuses and over 10,000 students and faculty: four campuses in Hangzhou, China and one in Shanghai.

CAA Launch “1 School, 2 Platforms and 2 New Things”

Starting from this year, CAA has designated April 8 as the CAA Launch Day. The CAA Launch will become a public platform for art creators, a creative festival for the society, and an “artistic engine” that drives social innovation.

The Academy has prepared three items for its first Launch. The first item is to establish the School of Calligraphy. The second is to establish two academic platforms, namely China Cinematic Arts Institute and the School of Social Aesthetic Education. The third is to release the CAA Cosmos and Meta Art Academy.

With the Gate of Classic Chinese Art Debuting by the Xianghu Lake, the CAA’s Xianghu Campus is Launched

CAA Xianghu Campus aims to lead the innovative development of Chinese painting and calligraphy, gather distinguished scholars of humanities and art and develop student training paradigms. It puts efforts into postgraduate and doctoral programs. Based on its first-class programs of Chinese painting and calligraphy, Xianghu Campus is composed of “four organizations, three museums and four centers” to carry forward China’s fine traditional culture and inherit classical Chinese art.

The Research Project “Grand Masters of the Century” is Launched

Since 2000, CAA has its every “fifth” anniversary celebrated in the second half of that year. Each theme of anniversaries is beyond the CAA’s history and revolves around frontier academic topics. In 2023, the core academic event is “Inter-World-View: World Civilizations Forum”, an international art campaign comprising” teaching, creation, action and communication”.

In the second half of 2023, Liangzhu Campus, CAA will be fully opened. As the subject of design will be introduced here. Progresses in the technological revolution, technology iteration and social improvement are expected.