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A Delegation of Korea Daesan Industry Visits Shenxian County of Shandong for Cooperation

A visit to Shandong Jiahua Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

On August 1, 2023, Mun Gyeonggil, the directing manager of Korea Daesan Industry Co., Ltd. led a delegation to Shenxian County on a visit to the modern agriculture and cultural tourism industries of the county.

The delegation led by Mun Gyeonggil visited destinations such as Luxi New Variety Promotion Base, Shenxian County Xinlixin Food Co., Ltd., Shandong Jiahua Biotechnology Co., Ltd., to get a detailed knowledge of the development of modern agriculture in the county and have in-depth exchanges on bilateral cooperation, according to the News Office of Shenxian County People's Government.

In the Central Plains Modern Agriculture Carnival of the county, the delegation visited the 8 pavilions of the event one by one, learned about the intangible cultural heritage of the county in detail at the third pavilion, and had an in-depth discussion on strengthening the cultural exchanges. Liu Xianfeng, an intangible cultural heritage inheritor of the county, showed the paper tearing techniques of Chinese red square seal, which attracted attention from the delegation. The seal is an important part of Chinese culture, which is not only artworks, but also contains Chinese symbols, charm and spirit. Paper tearing is an art of graphic hollowing similar to and different from paper cutting at the same time. Liu Xianfeng shows the flavor of inscriptions on bronze or stone tablets in the form of paper tearing, which reflects a sense of history as a bold innovation in the inheritance and development of traditional culture.

The delegation spoke highly of the development of modern agriculture, cultural tourism industry and intangible cultural heritage in the county. Hopefully, both sides will further strengthen communication and enhance exchanges, explore more cooperation opportunities in the development of such fields as modern agriculture, cultural and tourism projects, and cultural exchanges, expand the space for common development, and strive to achieve mutual benefit, common development and cultural prosperity.

Source: The News Office of Shenxian County People's Government