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A Dongming Grain Painting Learning Program Held at Shandong Arts and Crafts Exhibition Center

Students exhibiting their grain painting works

A Dongming grain painting learning program, titled “Shandong-Made Crafts, Heze-Made Arts”, was recently held at the Shandong Arts and Crafts Exhibition Center. The event was well received by more than 40 elementary school students and their families from Jinan City, according to the Information Office of the Dongming County People’s Government.

Mr. Han Guorui, a Dongming grain painting master craftsman, elaborated for the students and their families on the history and production method of Dongming grain painting. He invited them to have some hands-on experience with two patterns – Red Plum Heralds Spring and Best Wishes. Through this immersive activity, the participants acquired some knowledge of cereals, and learned some techniques, thereby improving their skills, strengthening their concentration, enhancing their aesthetic awareness and enriching their interest in this cultural artform.

Dongming grain painting, also known as seed painting, is an intangible cultural heritage in Shandong. Capitalizing on the natural shape and color of a range of cereals, coupled with insect-proof and corrosion-proof technology, this style of folk painting has been skillfully crafted. It is environmentally friendly and has a distinctively local style. It symbolizes peace and prosperity, and therefore is regarded as “nourishment for the mind displayed on the wall”.

In recent years, Mr. Han has on many occasions been invited to engage in cultural exchange events in many countries and regions, including Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asian countries. He has invariably been well received due to his unique food painting works, together with his impressive interactions and hands-on sessions. In particular, he drew a lot of young people from countries outside China to learn from him on site.

Source: Information Office of the Dongming County People’s Government