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A Glimpse of Picturesque Idyllic Scenery at the Paddy Rice and Floral Display Scenic Area in Huaiyin District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

JINAN, China
Paddy Rice and Floral Display Scenic Area

Recently, the Huaiyin Carnival, celebrating the 2022 Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival, took place at the Paddy Rice and Floral Display Scenic Area in Huaiyin District. Themed ‘Celebrating a Bumper Harvest, Welcoming the Grand Event’, this carnival serves to promote the integrated and first-rate development of agriculture, culture and tourism, according to Jinan City Huaiyin District New Media Center.

Strategically located in the west of Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province, Huaiyin District has a well-developed modern traffic network, enabling it to undertake some functions similar to those found in Beijing. The district has obvious location advantages, making it attractive for investment in culture and tourism. As part of its goal to create a comprehensive tourism demonstration zone, in recent years, Huaiyin District has established a Paddy Rice and Floral Display rural tourism complex with an investment of RMB119 million. It has transformed Xijiazhuang Village into a rural tourism icon, and has hosted festivals such as the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival. Due to these initiatives, the district has been nominated as one of the top 100 districts for tourism development potential and a model district for integrated cultural tourism innovation in China.

Located in the westernmost part of Huaiyin District, the Paddy Rice and Floral Display Scenic Area has abundant water resources and enjoys a pleasant climate. It has both cultural landscape and natural attractions, including three ruins, one ancient building complex, one alley, two fields planted with paddy rice and flowers, hundreds of valuable trees, as well as 13 B&Bs.

One of the major attractions in the scenic area is the Saishi Rose Garden, which features premium rose varieties imported from the UK, the Netherlands and France, and is popular with Chinese and international tourists. There is also Xijiazhuang, a village famous for its rural tourism industry, which features a 30-meter-high observation deck, a Yellow River sunset viewing site, a little egret habitat and other attractions. Additionally, there are tourist activity sites such as a lotus pond, paddy field art, and a crab and shrimp fishing pond. Tourists can also enjoy local specialties such as premium quality rice, crab and shrimp prepared in a way unique to the region.

Source: Jinan City Huaiyin District New Media Center