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A New Achievement, GWM HAVAL H6 Awarded ANCAP 5 Star Safety Rating

A New Achievement, GWM HAVAL H6 Awarded ANCAP 5 Star Safety Rating

On March 17, ANCAP, Australasia’s Independent Voice on Vehicle Safety, announced that HAVAL H6 has been awarded a 5 star safety rating, which represents that the safety strength of GWM’s HAVAL brand has been internationally recognized again.

The rating standard of ANCAP becomes stricter after upgrading. After the 3rd-generation innovation, HAVAL H6 has achieved excellent results in four aspects of this test including adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, safety assist and vulnerable road user protection, with scores of 90%, 88%, 81% and 73%, respectively.

ANCAP Chief Executive Officer, Carla Hoorweg said, “This is GWM’s first new HAVAL SUV model to the Australasian market for a number of years. Delivering a 5 star vehicle to the market, against ANCAP’s latest 2022 protocols, demonstrates the brand has kept pace with the latest ANCAP safety standards and consumer safety expectations.”

According to the test results, HAVAL H6 has reached a “Good” grade in adult occupant protection. It has got a full score in such vehicle testing as side impact, oblique pole, whiplash protection, and rescue & extrication. In addition, to adopt a 70%-plus high-strength steel vehicle frame, the vehicle is also equipped with an omnidirectional airbag that can effectively protect front and rear passengers from injury during a crash.

In terms of child occupant protection, this car has shown excellent safety performance in testing. It has received a full score in dynamic test (side) due to the lower ISOFix anchorages and top tether anchorages installed in the rear seat, which can further strengthen the connection between the child seat and the vehicle body, thus providing better safety protection for children.

HAVAL H6 also stands out in the test of safety assist. The AEB (Car-to-Car) system enables the vehicle to avoid and mitigate crashes. To the greatest extent for protecting drivers safety, the AEB junction Assist enables the vehicle to achieve autonomous brake to avoid collision with oncoming vehicles.

Finally, the car performed well in the testing of vulnerable road user protection. The bumper is designed with proper energy-absorbing space, which reduces the impact force to a certain extent and helps people avoid serious hurt to pedestrians’ legs as far as possible. Also, the AEB system can promptly detect pedestrians and cyclists passing by and make a timely reaction.

“This is an impressive achievement by GWM HAVAL,” said Carla Hoorweg. The great result of the ANCAP also proves the safety strength of the HAVAL brand. Now, several models of this brand have brought a safer driving experience to customers in global markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Egypt.
Based on such excellent performance of HAVAL H6 in the ANCAP test, HAVAL will continue to take safety as its priority, and focus on improving the safety performance of the vehicle, to create more high-quality products for global users.