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A New Record, GWM Officially Announces Its 300,000th POER

A New Record, GWM Officially Announces Its 300,000th POER

On May 8, the 300,000th GWM POER was completed at the production line in GWM Chongqing Smart Factory in southwest China.

It is a new record hit by GWM since the 200,000th vehicle was delivered to customers in August last year. In just two years, GWM POER has successfully achieved a remarkable milestone of 300,000th vehicle.

“Based on its outstanding product strength, GWM POER has become a best-selling model and has brought high-quality and intelligent pickup products to global users,” said Tony Sun, Deputy General Manager of GWM International at the 300,000th GWM POER completion ceremony.

Actually, taking the Chinese market as its starting point, GWM POER has completed vehicles from the 1st to the 10,000th in less than one hundred days at the production line since 2019.

To meet the diverse needs of various markets around the globe, GWM POER offers different types of intelligent configurations. In the Australian market, for example, the model is equipped with multiple intelligent driver assistance systems, such as Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA) and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), to comprehensively improve the safety of drivers and passengers in all aspects while on the road.

Particularly the AEB function, this will automatically control the vehicle to brake when drivers encounter an emergency or need to keep a minimum safe distance. In such cases, this function can reduce collision accidents and enhance safety on the road.

To fulfill the different needs of global customers, GWM also takes the lead in launching Jingangpao in the Chinese market recently. It is the latest model in the sub-series of GWM PICKUP. Equipped with a large cargo box, Jingangpao provides convenience for customers’ lives and daily work. For example, if customers plan to carry some large-size furniture and mechanical equipment, the design of the load capacity can help them finish the transportation more efficiently.

Currently, GWM POER has been launched in more than 50 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, and has achieved sales growth in many markets.

The report released by the National Automobile Association of Chile (ANAC) shows that in February this year, the sales of GWM PICKUP increased by 38%, with a market share of over 19% because of the hot-selling GWM POER.

“In the future, GWM will continue to upgrade and renew its pickup products so global customers can enjoy the best products and services brought by advanced technologies,” Tony said.

This year, GWM also plans to launch Jingangpao into several markets including Saudi Arabia, Chile and other markets to offer more diversified and customer-oriented new options for global customers in the pickups market.