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A New Segment, GWM focuses on the Hydrogen Energy R&D

A New Segment, GWM focuses on the Hydrogen Energy R&D

On January 27, 2022, GWM held the Arte. Futuro Plant Delivery Ceremony and Brand Launch Conference in Brazil, presenting the outstanding achievements of its three “Hydrogen-L.E.M.O.N. Technology” platforms and high-efficiency solutions to demonstrate the development of hydrogen energy worldwide.

At the conference, GWM highlighted the “Hydrogen-L.E.M.O.N. Technology”, a full-scenario solution of “hydrogen power systems” meeting vehicle regulations. The company presented that it will set up a global hydrogen fuel cell R&D base to conduct research on fuel cell technology, and recruit and train local talents in Brazil in intelligence and clean energy to create green production.

Since 2016, GWM has already set up a world-class R&D team for hydrogen energy, fuel cell systems and vehicle technologies, and became the first Chinese auto company to join the Hydrogen Council. In fact, the company officially released the Hydrogen Energy Strategy last year aiming to build a sustainable and better society with hydrogen energy.

As the core of its Hydrogen Energy Strategy, the Hydrogen-L.E.M.O.N. Technology consists of a complete set of vehicle-mounted components R&D system, three technology platforms and five performance advantages. Thousands of tests have shown that this vehicle-mounted components R&D system can ensure high performance, high quality and low cost. The Hydrogen Engine(HE), Hydrogen Stack(HS) and Hydrogen Power(HP) platforms have guaranteed GWM’s overall leadership in hydrogen energy. Taking HP platform as an example, the overall weight of its cylinder valve and pressure release valve is only one-third of that of mainstream products in the market, and the hydrogen leakage rate is also far less than that specified by the global standard. Based on Hydrogen-L.E.M.O.N. Technology, all GWM hydrogen energy products have the high performances in power (>200kW), efficiency (>60%), temperature (>100℃), durability (>20,000 hours) and connectivity (new energy + smart connectivity).

Currently, the GWM hydrogen energy project has achieved initial success. In August 2021, GWM was the first in the world to complete the application of 100 49-ton hydrogen-powered heavy-duty trucks. These trucks were equipped with a 100 kW high-power fuel cell system independently developed by GWM. The fuel cell system made it possible for the trucks to meet the high-performance requirement of low-temperature ignition at -30℃ and serve in various complex operating conditions.

GWM has invested a total of CNY 2 billion in the hydrogen energy R&D sector, planning to invest another CNY 3 billion in the next three years to reach the production capacity of 10,000 sets. At the global launch of its Hydrogen Energy Strategy, the company expressed its vision to keep the top level among the global hydrogen energy market share by 2025.

Source: GWM