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A selection of 69 Taiwanese restaurant with local specialties 2022 New Choice for Taiwan In-depth Tour

The dishes integrate senses of aboriginal cuisine, presenting a diverse cuisine culture

With the lifting of epidemic prevention restrictions in various countries, global tourism has returned to the right track and retaliated. As the world-famous foodie island, before the epidemic, the territory of national delicacies such as Xiao Long Bao and bubble tea of Taiwan has expanded to the world. The bubble tea even generated some sort of “Bubble Tea Diplomacy”, becoming the first choice for treating guests. Not only snacks, but also the delicacy of Taiwanese cuisine has gradually entered the international stage. According to the investigation by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation, food and its beautiful scenery are the two major reasons why tourists visit Taiwan. In the Taiwan Bib Gourmand recommended list announced by the 2022 Michelin Guide, 141 restaurants from North to South were found, many of which are specialty restaurants that understand the spirit of Taiwanese cuisine.

The globe is huge, its different languages, travelling distances, and skin colors invisibly create barriers between people, but when it comes to dining, it is a common language all over the world. People understand it without words. I often hear stories of international students meet new friends for a bowl of braised pork rice. The energy of gourmet diplomacy is boundless. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has also promoted the selection of “Taiwan Cuisine Restaurant” for three consecutive years, bringing Taiwanese cuisine with local characteristics to the international stage. This year, with “Taiwanese Cuisine with Local Specialties” as the main axis, using local ingredients from Taiwan to promote Taiwan’s rich local products, 69 “2022 Taiwanese Restaurants with Local Specialties” were selected from all over Taiwan, and 10 representative restaurants were selected, so that the diners can follow the map and deeply experience the cultural essence of Taiwan cuisine of both meat dishes and seafood, letting their mouth a gourmet feast.

From land delicacies to seafood, Taiwanese cuisine can be said to be all-encompassing, including the “New Southeast Seafood Restaurant”, which has been established for more than 40 years, the “Badasan” restaurant with aboriginal flavor, the “Meidz Seafood” restaurant that provides fresh seafood with specialty, the”Jindu Restaurant”, which is famous for its Shaoxing Banquet, the “Tounan Daoxiang Village Nostalgic Cuisine” full of retro flavor, the”A-Yong jia Catering Service” that refined the table-setting, the”Chi Farmland Mama Healthy Food Restaurant” with Hakka pastoral characteristics, the “Donggang Seafood Restaurant” which uses Donggang’s plump seafood ingredients, the “Ying Chun Ge Chinese Restaurant”, a famous banquet restaurant in Kinmen, and the “China Spice” restaurant, which collects local seasonal seafood from Penghu, etc. The ingredients reproduce various emotional imprints in the life in Taiwan, highlighting the characteristics of “Taiwanese Cuisine with Local Specialties” and also embodying the authentic “good taste of Taiwan”.

Each selected Taiwanese dish has been tempered by the chefs with a touch of humanity. With the local spirit contained in the ingredients, unique native and special delicacies are nurtured, and the aesthetic elements give Taiwanese cuisine a new look. As the saying goes: “To understand the local culture, you must start with the food.” Whether you are a first-time foreign tourist or a native Taiwanese, you might as well start from the restaurants that are listed in the 2022 Taiwanese Restaurants with Local Specialties, taste Taiwan step by step, get a feeling about the beauty of local culture and ingredients in Taiwan by having a food tour.

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SOURCE Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic

Source: Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic