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A statement from Ataccama on the invasion of Ukraine


In a statement from Michal Klaus, CEO of Ataccama, the data management and data governance software company has taken a firm stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and condemned the attacks initiated by Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

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“We are a business, but we are humans first and foremost,” said Klaus. “We are witnessing ongoing, unimaginable, escalating acts of aggression by Russian state leadership towards Ukraine. Today we learned that civilians in Ukraine’s second largest city were targeted in a massive missile strike. It is an invasion, it is inhuman, it is criminal, and it needs to be stopped. Although Ataccama does not currently have offices or systems in operation in Russia or Ukraine, we are compelled to contribute in every way we are able. Ataccama is taking action not just for our colleagues and their loved ones who have been impacted, but in support of Ukraine and all Ukrainians in their fight.”

The company has introduced a number of measures to support the Ukrainian cause and the safety and wellbeing of those affected by the crisis, and will continue to do so in the coming days and weeks. Response actions include setting up a donation fund for humanitarian aid, collecting and delivering supplies to the Ukrainian border, transporting refugees from the border to safe locations in Slovakia and Czechia, organizing temporary housing for displaced Ukranians, and paid time off and relocation support for employees in connection to the crisis.

“We are in the process of reviewing all contracts with Russian owned entities and will terminate any connected to the Russian regime, or companies or individuals that support it. We will not work with any person or any company that supports or attempts to justify the ongoing aggression,” added Klaus.

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