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A2MAC1 launches Sustainability Insights enabling customers to optimize the environmental impact of vehicles and components


On 5th July, A2MAC1, in line with its commitment to build a better, smarter, and greener world, is launching its Sustainability Insights offering.

A2MAC1, the undisputed global leader in automotive technology benchmarking, has rigorously analyzed technology since 1997. It is constantly innovating on the cutting-edge information it generates for its customers.

As part of its key insights A2MAC1 analyzes the full lifecycle carbon footprint of vehicles, including raw materials, manufacturing, logistics, driving emissions, and recycling, providing best practice solutions among competitors. This enables customers to measure, optimize and manage product and value chain footprint with data validated in line with ISO 14048 standards.

This global offering will reinforce A2MAC1’s unique end-to-end service and give the company’s 650+ clients access to high-quality sustainability datasets, allowing them to easily measure product and value chain carbon footprint.

A2MAC1, recognizing the growing pressure climate change puts on all industries, strives to enable others to improve the environmental impact of their products, advising them on the cleanest path forward. Indeed, the future of the automotive industry can only be sustainable. A2MAC1 sustainability insights allows customers to maximize efficiency and make the right decisions based on accurate industry insights that go beyond merely reporting aggregate CO2e value.

“A2MAC1 is dedicated to challenging norms and making an impact to drive transformation and ‘sustainabilization’ across all industry sectors. We are delighted to extend our offerings with the Sustainability Insights product. Building upon our 25 years of expertise in benchmarking, our industry know-how is key to addressing the ever-growing demand from today’s industries leaders and consumers. This way, A2MAC1 meets its goal of supporting our clients in making the right decisions and gives them the critical information to make a better, smarter and greener world for future generations.” Frank Bunte – CEO A2MAC1

Source: A2Mac1