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Accelerating the construction of a world tourism destination — Guangxi fully promotes the high-quality development of the cultural and tourism industry


In November, the 2023 Guangxi Cultural and Tourism Development Conference was held in Nanning, Guangxi. The theme of the conference is "accelerating the construction of Nanning regional international tourism center city, helping to build Guangxi a world tourism destination".

To build Guilin a world-class tourism city, to build Nanning a regional international tourism center city, to accelerate the construction of Beibu Gulf international coastal resort…… In recent years, Guangxi has made new breakthroughs in the construction of a comprehensive high-level cultural tourism zone by deepening the integration of culture and tourism based on its resource advantages.

Since this year, Guangxi has continuously deepened the supply of cultural, sports and tourism products and services, cultivated the "event + tourism" format to stimulate consumer demand, and expanded the integrated development space of the whole industry chain of cultural, sports and tourism. During the "National Day" Golden Week this year, 14 cities in Guangxi organized and held colorful activities based on their own characteristics and advantages, covering ethnic customs, delicious food, border and sea scenery, rural style, leisure and vacation, intangible cultural heritage exhibition, etc. Guilin launched more than 100 cultural activities for the people, such as moon viewing, poem reading, opera watching, exhibition watching, and National Day celebration. Liuzhou City held more than 100 cultural and tourism activities, such as 2023 China Liuzhou International Water Carnival, Liuzhou Snail Soup Dance Competition, Sanjiang Chengyang Eight Villages "Lusheng Festival", to open an immersive vacation mode for tourists from all over the world; Beihai City Hai Si Shou Gang Scenic Spot specially launched the maritime event "Ancient Boat Race", the Spending a Good Month and a Happy Month Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Peace and People's Safety Prayer Ceremony and other wonderful programs.

Ganlin, Secretary of the Party committee of the Culture and Tourism Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, introduced that Guangxi has accelerated the cultivation of new hot spots of cultural and tourism consumption, vigorously developed tourism products such as health care, research, camping, sports and leisure, cruise yachts, and created the night economic brand of "China's Never-ending City Romantic Night Guangxi". It has continued to carry out themed publicity and promotion activities such as "Zhuang people March 3 – Meet to Visit Guangxi", "Guangxi people visit Guangxi", "Winter Tour Guangxi", and supported various places to hold characteristic cultural and tourism festivals. It encourages and supports cultural and tourism enterprises to carry out publicity and marketing, and launches preferential measures for tourists across the country to promote the recovery and development of cultural tourism.

Guangxi is a forefront window for exchanges and cooperation between China and ASEAN countries, and is one of the important tourist destinations and tourist sources for China and ASEAN countries. In recent years, Guangxi has given full play to its geographical advantages adjacent to ASEAN countries, and actively built an international tourist destination for ASEAN.

In the China-Vietnam Detian (Banh Quoc) Waterfall Cross-Border Tourism Cooperation Zone, visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of the three-level waterfall in the Rice Field Coffee House and taste Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine, but also look to the distance in the "Ring of the Sky", getting a unique experience of "seeing two countries at a glance". "In the cooperation zone, we can truly realize 'one day trip to two countries' and enjoy the charm of the transnational landscape gallery," Yan Min, a tourist from Nanning, said.

The China-Vietnam Detian (Banh Quoc) Waterfall Cross-Border Tourism Cooperation Zone is a project jointly constructed and implemented by Guangxi and Cao Bang provinces after the two countries signed relevant agreements in 2015, and is the first cross-border tourism cooperation zone in China.

Source: The Publicity Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region