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AETOS Capital Group Embraces its 15th Anniversary Milestone with Strong Revenue Growth


AETOS Capital Group (“AETOS”), a global leading forex and CFDs online trading broker, today announced that the company has hit its 15th anniversary milestone with a strong revenue growth in 2022 Q1. To celebrate this achievement, globally, AETOS will be launching a variety of events and activities across its international operating entities.

15 Years Celebration with Strong Revenue Growth

Back in 2007, Sydney Australia, where AETOS started its voyage from humble beginnings to a world-leading brand, the company identified the market needs of a streamlined approach to financial markets trading that focuses on broad market access, lower investment cost and a further enhanced trading execution. By staying true to the commitments of this vision for 15 years, AETOS, today, has successfully redefined the industry by giving investors a new way to speculate. We are thankful for the privilege of serving thousands of investors worldwide as their preferred partner going global, which has stood us from competitors in the rapidly expanding field of online trading.

Commented by the Chairman of AETOS Capital Group, “AETOS’s years of significant investments in trading technology developments, professional services improvements and investment education programs have contributed to the company’s exponentially growing business and an ever-expanding globalized customer base. We feel honoured to share this moment of success with our customers and thank their supports along the way to get us reached where we are standing today. The great news is that AETOS moves into 2022, its 15 years milestone, with robust quarterly earnings of a 37.8% jump in the first quarter this year, as total quarterly revenues rose by 50.3% compared to the same period last year. Among the key earnings highlights, were gross clients addition of 18,365 over a single quarter. We have virtually grown a very strong business in a virtuous cycle over the last decade, which, in turn, puts AETOS in a better position than ever to maintain its market leadership and continue to write the next 15 years a story of success.”

With the gradual easing of travel restrictions worldwide, AETOS will resume its offline activities to celebrate the 15th anniversary and meet its local clients in person. Till the end of this year, a series of roadshows, global-wide trading exhibitions and the annual gala will be held across its global offices. As gratitude of thanks to its business friends and supporters, AETOS prime partners and selected client representatives will be invited to join the celebration events with AETOS team.

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SOURCE: AETOS Capital Group

Source: AETOS Capital Group