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Airbiquity Strengthens Collaboration with Renesas for Continued Technology Integration Efforts


— Provides Enhanced Capabilities for Efficient and Secure Over-The-Air Software Updates; Powers Advanced Driver Assistance and Autonomous Driving Functions

Airbiquity(R)( ), a global leader in connected vehicle services, today announced an advancement in its collaboration with Renesas, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions. This expanded technology integration involves the Renesas R-Car S4 system-on-chip ( ) (SoC) and the Airbiquity OTAmatic(R) software management platform.

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An increasing dependency on software, electronic control units (ECUs), sensors, and microprocessors to power autonomous vehicle systems and features–combined with the intricacy and complexity of securely managing over-the-air (OTA) software updates for millions of vehicles simultaneously–has created a demand for an automotive-grade solution comprised of high-performance telematics processors backed by a robust OTA software management platform. Bringing Renesas R-Car S4 together with Airbiquity OTAmatic ( ) enables a secure, high-performance solution to power the next wave of advanced autonomous driving capabilities for automakers.

Initially, the combination of R-Car S4 and OTAmatic provides delivery of software updates to a Linux-based primary ECU. Additional integrations will provide delivery of software updates to secondary ECUs and compliance with the AUTOSAR Adaptive software architecture ( ) standard for ease of integration with automotive platforms and software stacks.

“Providing sophisticated services and technologies that enable advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving are critical needs of the automotive industry,” said Keefe Leung, Airbiquity Vice President of Product Management. “Airbiquity and Renesas are advancing the integration of our OTAmatic software management platform running on Renesas’ R-Car SoC by adding secure multi-ECU updates utilizing the latest AUTOSAR Adaptive software architecture standard to address the latest emerging functionalities.”

“As vehicle architectures continue to evolve, reliable and secure management of in-vehicle software will continue to be a challenge for the industry,” said Naoki Yoshida, Vice President of Renesas’ Automotive Digital Products Marketing Division. “Airbiquity has leading OTA software technology and cloud services that enable connected vehicle OTA as well as experience working with Renesas’ R-Car SoCs. Working together, we will deliver an advanced production-ready solution for R-Car SoC customers that will mitigate these OTA challenges while contributing to the widespread adoption of connected and autonomous driving.”

Information about the earlier integration between Renesas R-Car H3 SoC and Airbiquity OTAmatic can be found here ( ). To learn more about Airbiquity OTAmatic, click here ( ). To learn more about Renesas Electronics R-Car S4 SoC, click here ( ).

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Airbiquity(R) is a global leader in connected vehicle services and pioneer in the development and engineering of automotive telematics technology. Always at the forefront of automotive innovation, Airbiquity develops the industry’s most advanced connected vehicle software technology and cloud services. Working with Airbiquity, automakers and automotive suppliers have deployed highly scalable, manageable, and secure connected vehicle service programs for millions of vehicles in over 60 countries around the world. Learn more about Airbiquity at or join the conversation @Airbiquity.


SOURCE: Airbiquity