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Airbus Chengdu Project Completed, Expected to Be Put into Operation in December


Recently, the Airbus Aircraft Full-Lifecycle Service Project was completed in Shuangliu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China, and is expected to be put into operation in December. By then, it will provide a one-stop service to the global market, covering aircraft parking, storage, maintenance, upgrading, retrofitting, dismantling, and recycling.

This project has a total investment of 6 billion yuan, with a total construction area of 64,368 square meters. It is planned to build "four centers and one platform", including two maintenance hangars, two aviation material warehouses, office buildings, and ancillary buildings, according to Shuangliu District Government.

The project took 429 days from commencement to completion. Brian Agnew, General Manager of Airbus (Chengdu) Aircraft Full-Life Cycle Service Co., Ltd., said, "In just 14 months, Shuangliu District has brought various technical requirements to this unique factory area. Although Airbus has hundreds of industrial facilities worldwide, we are deeply impressed by the speed of construction, the level of industrial design, and the quality of construction demonstrated by Shuangliu District."

The Airbus Aircraft Full-Lifecycle Service Project is the only aircraft recycling project operated by an aircraft manufacturer worldwide. As a unique presence in China and even the world, in the past 429 days, all participating units in Shuangliu District have concentrated their efforts and resources and carried out scientific construction, achieving the "acceleration" of project construction.

"The completion of the advanced factory area marks the beginning of the work of our operations team," said Brian Agnew. The project will be inspected and accepted by the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

As an important "chain leader" in promoting the integration and development of high-end aviation manufacturing and modern aviation service industries in Shuangliu, the project will recover aircraft parts exceeding 90% of the aircraft weight, which can be reused through the global second-hand aviation material trading market. It is expected to drive the output value to exceed40 billion yuan by 2030. By then, Airbus will truly form a new development pattern of "assembly in the north and servicing in the south" in China.

"The operation of the project will also mark the birth of a new IP for Shuangliu's aviation economy." The relevant person in charge of the Shuangliu Aviation Economic Zone Management Committee introduced that, led by the Airbus project, Shuangliu will gather more upstream and downstream industries to help build a strong chain in the aviation industry and leverage the main effect of the Airbus project chain to continuously extend the industrial service chain.

Focusing on the civil aviation functional platform, Shuangliu District is accelerating the construction of a civil aviation airborne equipment R&D and manufacturing center and an international airport technology innovation and application transformation space. Additionally, Shuangliu has also planned a 120-mu (roughly 80,000-square-meter) civil aviation airborne equipment industrial park to provide personalized services for enterprises in the industry.

Source: Shuangliu District Government, Chengdu