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AIRROBO Robot Vacuum P20 Brings 99.2% Cleaning Efficiency into Global Households

AIRROBO Robot Vacuum P20

AIRROBO, the smart home appliance brand with a focus on AI-enabled technologies, supported by the world-leading AI and humanoid robotic company, UBTECH Robotics, today is pleased to announce the launch of AIRROBO P20. This new and value-packed addition to the P-series lineup is AIRROBO’s pinnacle of cost performance ratio coming with its high suction level at 2800Pa bringing 99.2% cleaning efficiency into global households.

“We’re trying to alter the situation where the industry is too polarized. The fancy robot vacuum cleaners with redundant functions can only serve a limited number of people because of their price point. On the other hand, budget robot vacuum cleaners didn’t actually help with “house chore freedom” because of their cleaning performance and quality. In doing so, we’re excited to introduce the AIRROBO P20 – built upon the new design and completely improved features – to our global consumers for their daily floor cleaning,” says Tommy Zhang, General Manager of AIRROBO.

Japan has the highest life expectancy at birth according to 2016 OECD data and has become the world’s most long-lived country. Either Japanese men or women, they tend to indicate higher life expectancy reaching 81.1 years and 87.1 years respectively[1]. However, speaking of age, 27.3 percent of its citizens aged 65 and older[2] in Japan, among which some of them are suffering from loneliness and social isolation. In addition to a high life expectancy, extreme dedication to work is one of the characteristics of the Japanese people. Between 30-40% of Japanese working-age (20-50 year-old) men, they can’t sleep or sleep less than 6 hours because of stress and overwork they experience at their jobs – in this case, time and energy that could be spent on house chores has greatly compromised.

Granular waste, food crumbs, hair and dust on floors covered in tatami mats or just hard floors can be a trouble for senior people living by themselves and for working professionals, as a traditional vacuuming method would be energy- and time-consuming that requires frequent manual works and be unreliable somehow. It may grow bacteria and molds if the cleaning is not handled well, including missing crucial spots that need cleaning the most and maintaining the device properly. Therefore, cleaning floors on a regular basis using a new robot vacuum coming with an innovative technology, high cleaning efficiency, and new user-friendly features would then benefit and simplify people’s lives in Japan especially for people that fit these two categories.   

The cleaning effect always speaks for itself

The P20 thoroughly picks up granular waste at high suction power 2800Pa with the pickup rate of 99.2%. It employs a unique cleaning mechanism called ScraperTM Technology empowered by elite teams of UBTECH Robotics, which is designed for ultimate dust extermination. Such design enables itself to sweep, vacuum, and scrape – in one go – specially for grout lines of hard floors even when caked with dust and dirt, as it is equipped with a floating scraper strip that allows the suction inlet to be a perfect fit for uneven floors, and its stable rolling brush housing and floor-protecting cushions collaboratively make sure they won’t hurt the floors while cleaning. The air path inside of the robot is completely sealed, which solves the issues of dust spill and frequently required maintenance due to loss of suction.

All robots should be as beginner-friendly as P20

AIRROBO app solves the pain point that most robot vacuum users would meet when using their apps – the complicated pairing and connecting process wears people down even before they actually start using a robot vacuum cleaner. The AIRROBO app in this regard streamlines the process allowing users to connect their robot vacuum cleaner with app through 3 steps within just 7 seconds only the first time, optimizing the P20’s productivity on cleaning floors at its finest. The app is now available for download in Google Play and App store.

More than just a robot

The P20 on the outside is polished with matte texture and a diamond pattern tailored by a top industrial design team in Europe, making its top cover free with smudge and fingerprints. Its flowing diamond luster also manifests the concept of modernism and functionalism that can integrate into all kinds of interior decoration styles – minimalist, contemporary design, traditional design, transitional design – that you name it, combining aesthetics, innovation and practicality into one.

The AIRROBO P20 is now available on Amazon retailing at JPY19900. A time-limited discount code airrobo1 can be redeemed on Amazon before 15th October, offering 35% off.

For more information

Please visit, and the press kit for the P20 can be found here.


AIRROBO is a smart home appliance brand with a focus on AI-enabled technologies. Supported by world-leading AI and humanoid robotic company, UBTECH Robotics, AIRROBO is aiming to bring the most cutting-edge technology to more and more households around the globe, making smart home a new norm of life. Find out more at


[1] Dr Martin Juneau, M.D., FRCP (2021). Why do the Japanese have the highest life expectancy in the world?
[2] Shiho Fukada (2018). Japan faces its old age with robots and virtual reality

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