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AKB48 Team SH Online Concert-4th Anniversary live & Awards Ceremony takes place online, Liu Nian once again tops the list of AKB48 Team SH Senbatsu General Election favorite members


The AKB48 Team SH 4th Anniversary live “Songs in Your Heart” event was held on December 10th, 2022. The online concert and awards ceremony highlighted 16 of the team’s most popular songs. Notably, Liu Nian finally made the list of AKB48 Team SH Senbatsu General Election favorite members.

As part of this year’s concert, each of the 48 members of AKB48 Team SH chosed and performed one of AKB48’s classic songs so that audiences that had tuned in from around the world could hear their voices. During the live concert that lasted for some four and a half hours, 35 of the members delivered a truly delightful audiovisual experience to the onsite audience, attracting over 1.5 million viewers who witnessed this exciting moment online together.

The concert started with the performance of “ogoe Diamond” by 16 members, including Liu Nian, followed by the performance of “Chance no Junban” as well as several of the group’s new songs, among them, “Sougen no Kisek”, “high tension”, “11 gatsu no Anklet” and “Holidays Girls”, bringing the audience to their feet time and time again. In addition, the performance of the team’s new single “Ponytail to Shushu”, with Gui Chuchu and Qiu Dier as the lead position, recalled the viewers’ warm memories of summer. Eleven members demonstrated their outstanding singing competence by performing a cappella version of “ogoe Diamond”. At the same time, the list of AKB48 Team SH Senbatsu General Election favorite members was announced, with Liu Nian topping the list, followed by Zhu Ling and Li Jiahui, all of whom gave speeches that resonated deeply with the audience. Furthermore, the lineup for the team’s next EP “Sentimental Train” was confirmed and will include 16 members who are sure to be closely watched by fans as each song will be performed in an entirely new style.

After four years of working and gaining experience together, AKB48 Team SH has evolved into an idol group of outstanding and popular next-generation members who aim to express their love and gratitude through the performance of songs while showing the aspirations and the positive energy of today’s youth through their works.

Source Shanghai Shangyue Culture Development Co., Ltd.