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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise introduces AH20 II headsets with improved audio quality and increased comfort and flexibility


The new headsets facilitate smooth communications in hybrid workplaces

The new Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise AH20 II headsets deliver enhanced audio quality, greater comfort and simpler connectivity to support individuals working in hybrid workplaces such as open-plan offices, call centres and home offices. They are designed and manufactured by ALE China Co., Ltd (“ALE SIP Devices(”), an audio technology expert in the global deskphone market, operating under the tradename ALE SIP Devices(

Making clear conversation a priority

The new headsets are corded business headsets featuring wideband HD audio. With a refined speaker delivering richer intonation with a noise-cancelling microphone that eliminates background noise, AH20 II headsets ensure clear communications for speakers at both ends of the conversation. In addition to increased sound clarity, the headsets reduce listening fatigue and offer hearing protection against sounds above 118dBA for end-users.

An increasing emphasis on comfort

The importance of comfort cannot be underestimated, especially for individuals making frequent calls throughout the day. AH20 II headsets have an ultra-light weight design and are easy-to-use. The soft leatherette headband and ear cushion, as well as the large ear pads, work together to effectively ease wearing fatigue. Meanwhile, users can find their own perfect fit by adjusting the headband and microphone boom, or rotating the boom arm 330 degrees.

Choosing the best headset model from the new offering

With expanded flexibility for connectivity, the new offering includes 3 models in Duo (binaural) and Mono (monaural).

Full technical details( are available online.

About ALE SIP Devices

ALE SIP Devices are designed and manufactured by ALE China Co., Ltd, an audio technology expert in the global deskphone market, operating under the ALE SIP Devices tradename. It focuses on innovative technologies to develop a wide-range of SIP-based products that can be integrated into a variety of solutions with easy provisioning tools in a cost-effective, secure and flexible manner.

ALE SIP Devices provide global business partners and end-users products with simpler business connections, anywhere, with top-notch audio, reliable hardware and software that has under-gone extensive testing before market launch.

From innovative development to green manufacturing, ALE SIP Devices rigorously manage every component and each production procedure to ensure products meet worldwide standards.

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