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Alpian and Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking have entered into a strategic collaboration to accelerate the evolution of the digital wealth management offering of Fideuram-ISPB


Alpian SA (“Alpian”) and Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking (“Fideuram-ISPB”) are partnering to advance the digital wealth management offering for the clients of Fideuram-ISPB, leveraging Alpian’s knowledge in technology development and mobile-first user experience for digital wealth management services

The move follows Fideuram-ISPB’s CHF 19 million equity investment into Alpian, Switzerland’s first digital private bank, during its Series B+ financing round in April 2022, and represents an expanded collaboration between the two banks.

Fideuram-ISPB has identified Alpian as a strategic partner to advance Fideuram-ISPB’s digital wealth management offerings, which currently serve 60’000 clients.

Alpian has developed expertise in building mobile-first digital wealth management offerings using cloud-based technologies and agile product development. The combination of this expertise with Fideuram-ISPB’s private banking knowledge will allow to develop a product roadmap designed to enhance the digital wealth management offerings for Fideuram-ISPB’s clients.

Luca Bortolan, Head of Direct Bank at Fideuram-ISPB, said: “After the investment to launch the first Swiss digital private bank, we have found in Alpian a strategic partner to power the digital wealth management service offering of Fideuram-ISPB Direct Bank. We will be leveraging the experience that the team has built while creating a mobile-first digital private banking offering using state-of-the-art technologies”.

Schuyler Weiss, Chief Executive Officer at Alpian, said: “This strategic partnership demonstrates the potential of bringing together a large leading private bank and a new digital private bank to drive value for Fideuram-ISPB’s clients, employees and stakeholders. We look forward to working together to build on the power of Alpian’s technology and expertise of our team to drive large-scale change for the wealth management industry.”

About Alpian SA

Alpian is a Swiss financial technology company, incorporated in October 2019 and Switzerland’s first digital private bank.

About Fideuram Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking

Headquartered in Milan, Fideuram Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking is the leading private banking player in Italy and a key subsidiary of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, which controls all the group’s private banking activities.

SOURCE Alpian SA; Fideuram Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking