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Amrop and JM Search partnership sets a new standard for industry


In February 2021, global search company Amrop and USA-based firm JM Search formed an exclusive strategic alliance allowing both companies to expand their offerings and respective global reach to their clients. A year into the partnership, this model has shown itself to be a great success and both organizations are committed to further strengthen their relationship.

Amrop, which was established in 1977, has grown into one of the largest leadership advisory consultancies in the world, with 65 offices in 53 countries. Prior to the JM Search partnership, it had offices in six U.S. cities, but did not have reach across some parts of the country. JM Search was thus the ideal partner, with its more than 40-year track record as a top-tier independent U.S. executive search firm, with clients spanning every major market in North America.

Since being formed in 1980 by John Marshall, JM Search has grown organically to include over 130 employees. The team brings together former operating and financial executives, investors and experienced search professionals with deep industry specialization, functional expertise and proven access to talent spanning multiple industry sectors. JM Search clients include private equity firms and portfolio companies, venture capital-backed businesses, and publicly held companies across North America. Through the partnership with Amrop, JM Search is now also able to offer global search capabilities to its clients.

“A global partnership was overdue for us,” says Marshall, who acts as CEO, “especially given the growing number of clients that operate businesses in multiple geographies.”

For Amrop, the increased focus on the U.S. market offers its own opportunities, says the company’s Chair Annika Farin. She highlights how both firms bring an entrepreneurial spirit to the market. “This makes the partnership a truly alternative choice for clients, with an offering that holds depth and is delivered with quality,” Farin says.

“The ability to assess talent and make the right recommendations to our clients comes down to an in-depth knowledge of our markets and the context of each placement, and our teams being able to work together fluidly on the same assignment without the client even realising we are two separate firms,” says Farin. “We’re able to help each other achieve more than what would have been possible alone.”

Marshall agrees: “Through our partnership with Amrop, we have been able to solve client challenges in multiple regions, which is additional value that we can bring to our services. And we have been able to connect our regional networks between more than a dozen private-equity funds in a coordinated, global manner.”

Together, the two organizations maintain the independent edge they have both forged in their markets, while expanding their reach and deepening their specialist expertise and skills. The result is a comprehensive suite of talent sourcing that prides itself on speed and agility, and the ability to view talent through both a hyper-local and visionary global lens. This affords the opportunity for more rigorous searches for highly attractive leaders.

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