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An International Media Tour to Jinan, Experiencing Unique Charm of the City of Springs

JINAN, China

JINAN, China, June 13, 2024 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–

Jinan, also known as the “City of Springs”, is located in the central-western part of Shandong Province, China. Renowned for its 72 springs and the abundance of willow trees, this northern city exudes a southern charm. On June 12, an overseas media team, invited by the Information Office of Jinan Municipal People’s Government and themed “Opportunities in China, Charm of Jinan”, visited Jinan to appreciate Baotu Spring and Black Tiger Spring, and explore Jinan’s cultural and urban enchantment along the moat as a “City of Springs”.

Image: Baotu Spring

The moat in Jinan, which spans 6.9 kilometers, is the only moat in China formed by the convergence of spring water. Along the way, the Black Tiger Spring boasts 16 springs. It is a common practice for many locals to bring home a bucket of spring water to make tea. During the hot summer days, taking a sip of the refreshing spring water at the drinking water point is truly invigorating. One guest exclaimed, “So refreshing!” This vividly illustrates the essence of Jinan’s “spring” culture.

The springs in Jinan are not only abundant in number but also diverse in form, presenting a spectacular sight. Taking a boat ride at Black Tiger Spring and traveling along the moat to the “First Spring in the World”, Baotu Spring, is really an impressive trip. Baotu Spring has been a symbol of Jinan since ancient times, with a saying that goes, “A trip to Jinan is incomplete without visiting Baotu Spring.” With three water outlets, Baotu Spring’s clear and sweet water has inspired numerous poems and literary works. 

Another famous attraction in Jinan, Daming Lake, is also closely linked to spring water. Experts explain that the spring water from the four major spring clusters in the old city of Jinan flows through the moat and Qushuiting Street from different directions before converging into Daming Lake, making it a unique “spring-fed lake”.

One guest remarked, “This is a city inseparable from its springs, and a city with unique charm.”

Source: Information Office of Jinan Municipal People's Government