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Analytic Partners – The right place at the right time: What APAC Marketers need to know about the power of search


An abundance of information and options are causing confusion in the customer journey. Indeed, choice overload is blamed by the 80% of people who have difficulty of making purchase decisions blame choice overload as the culprit. As consumers, we all need help sometimes making sense of the shopping world. So how can brands be in the right place, at the right time when and where consumers need them most?

The answer lies in omnichannel campaigns. Paul Sinkinson, Managing Director Analytics Partners (, Australia, recently spoke about this very subject at Google’s Decoding Decisions event in March.

During the session, built on insights from Analytic Partners’ ROI Genome(R) (, a marketing intelligence resource with more than 2 million data points gathered over more than 20 years, Paul shared five key points that contribute to the success of brands achieving the pinnacle of right place/right time/right person marketing:

Reach customers where they are:
Paid search is a tried and tested method of marketing optimisation. In fact, 1 in 3 consumers will choose a brand that shows up when and where they’re searching. In a currently uncertain world, brand loyalty is low, with more eyes and more choice than ever. Now is a valuable time to re-evaluate whether you are reaching the customer in the right place at the right time.

More is better:
Two integrated multi-channel campaigns will drive higher campaign effectiveness. And in fact, the ROI Genome found that the more channels marketers add to the mix, the more ROI improves. This synergy is the hero of marketing effectiveness since multimedia campaigns tend to have a higher ROI than single media campaigns. But as some channels may make more sense for some brands than others, finding the right touchpoints rather than simply following trends is key.

Search for synergies:
Analytic Partners’ ROI Genome Report ( finds that Search has historically proven to provide synergistic lift with other media platforms. Search’s synergistic lift with TV is 24%, and 13% with other online video.

Keep it going in the long-term:
In the short term, it may make sense to prioritize sales performance. But minimizing always-on upper funnel initiatives may hinder your long-term growth. Going dark in just a few months can undo years and years of investment. Losing share of Search will cost you more when you do decide to come back.

Double-lift with ecommerce:
The lift Search already provides can be maximized even further when paired with online fulfilment such as e-commerce support. Brands with an ecommerce channel increase return by over 200% compared to those that don’t offer e-commerce.
“Search is undeniably indispensable not only to consumers but to advertisers as well. Marketers should incorporate Search within a thoughtful mix of other channels as a critical driver of incremental ROI for short-term and long-term success”, said Sinkinson.

In an ever more complex marketing environment in need of a holistic marketing measurement solution to help drive business success, Analytic Partners ( combines global insights with local knowledge to help clients adapt, evolve and thrive. A recording of Analytic Partners’ session at Decoding Decisions plus the latest ROI Genome reports can be found here:

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