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Angel Yeast Brings Latest Innovative Products and Solutions to FIC 2022

Angel Yeast Brings Latest Innovative Products and Solutions to FIC 2022

Angel Yeast(, (SH600298), a globally listed yeast and yeast extract manufacturer, showcased its latest yeast and yeast extract products, health ingredients, and fermentation ingredients alongside its wide range of innovative solutions at FIC 2022 in Guangzhou.

An expo on food additives and ingredients, the FIC is an important and influential event for the industry in both China and Asia.

“We are very excited to attend this year’s FIC to share our latest offerings with consumers and business partners. The expo is also a great way for us to learn about trends and industry updates in the Asian market,” said Minghua Xiao, general manager at Angel Yeast.

Xiao noted that the pandemic has induced healthier eating habits among consumers, making plant-based protein food, and food that maintains a strong immune system and improves bowel movement are new hits in the market.

“Informed by these insights, the industry is paying more attention to the clean label project and trying to drive sustainable growth. At Angel Yeast, we’ve also stepped up efforts in innovation to make our yeast and biotechnology products better appeal to the changing habits and trends of the market,” added Xiao.

Products on display at FIC 2022 includes:

• New dry yeast products
The latest dry yeast products developed by Angel Yeast can be used in various conditions. It has a stronger tolerance to recipes that are high in sugar, oil and salt; it is also more tolerant of cold shock, osmotic pressure, and weak organic acids. In addition, it has a good response to sugar and can be used in both high and low sugar recipes. This new dry yeast can be stored for a longer time as it has a lower water content.

• Angeotide Yeast Extract
One of the new Hou-feel YE products, Angeotide contains an abundance of natural amino acids and peptides. It enhances the meaty notes, thickness, and overall mouthfeel. Together with other flavors, Angeotide makes the end products richer and thicker with a pleasant after taste. Some of Angeotide products contains over 70% of peptides, and this healthy and innovative flavor improvement can be used in snacks, meat products and many others.

• AngeoPro Yeast Protein
The AngeoPro products are microbial proteins that offer the same amount of nutrients as that of animal proteins. It has a balanced combination of amino acids and micro-nutrients. Recognized by the market as an innovative protein source for plant-based food, the AngeoPro products can be used in producing protein sticks, beverages, baked food and plant-based meat products.

• Plant-source peptone products
Angel Yeast’s plant-source peptone products adopt its key technology in plant nitrogen source producing, using soybeans, wheat, rice and other natural raw materials. It provides stable, safe and traceable plant and non-animal-derived nitrogen sources to microbial fermentation and cell culture.

SOURCE: Angel Yeast