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— Expression Systems is a leading supplier of innovative cell culture media, baculovirus molecular reagents and cell lines used in advanced biological-based therapeutics

ANGUS Chemical Company (“ANGUS” or “Company”), a leading global manufacturer and marketer of specialty ingredients for Life Sciences and Industrial markets, today announced it has acquired Expression Systems, LLC ( ) (“Expression Systems”), a leading global manufacturer of cell culture media and related products and services. ANGUS is a portfolio company of Ardian and Golden Gate Capital.

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Founded in 1997, Expression Systems is dedicated to supplying and servicing the baculovirus expression platform with innovative cell culture media formulations, as well as cell lines, molecular tools, reagents and contract services. Expression Systems operates from a central headquarters in Davis, California, and is cGMP-compliant and ISO 13485 certified for its manufacturing and research activities.

“The acquisition of Expression Systems is an important step in expanding ANGUS’ leadership position in Life Sciences beyond bio buffers into specialty cell culture media, a strategic adjacency with high customer overlap and complementary product and service offerings,” said ANGUS President and Chief Executive Officer David Neuberger. “The combination of ANGUS and Expression Systems further strengthens our ability to deliver value through the consistent, high-quality ingredients and services essential to all phases of bioprocessing, from early-stage biologics development to full-scale commercial production.”

Expression Systems is a well-recognized independent provider of specialized cell culture media and related products with a robust track record of product quality and innovation based on proprietary technology. The company specializes in baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) and has deep expertise across the process from gene optimization to protein purification. Expression Systems’ products are utilized primarily by structural biology researchers and biologics manufacturers to produce certain drug candidates, protein-based therapies, vaccines and gene therapies efficiently and cost-effectively.

“For more than 20 years, our family and dedicated employees have built a strong reputation with its customers by leveraging our world-renowned technical expertise in media manufacturing and the baculovirus expression platform,” said Expression Systems President and Chief Executive Officer David Hedin. “When we looked ahead to the future for our company, it was clear that ANGUS was in the best position to provide new opportunities to our current and new customers, as well as our employees. ANGUS will enhance our position as a dedicated, world-leading vendor focused on servicing the biologics industry segments employing the baculovirus expression platform.”

Achelous Partners, LLC served as exclusive M&A advisor to Expression Systems, LLC on this transaction.


ANGUS is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of specialty ingredients and consumables for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, consumer and industrial applications. The Company innovates through its unique nitroalkane chemistries, including its flagship AMP(TM) (aminomethyl propanol) multifunctional additives and TRIS AMINO(TM) (tromethamine) buffers, which are produced at fully integrated, ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities in the United States and Germany. ANGUS serves its global customers through six regional Customer Application Centers located in Chicago, Illinois; Paris, France; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Singapore; Shanghai, China; and Mumbai, India. The Company is privately owned by Ardian and Golden Gate Capital, and is headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. For more information, visit ( ).

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